I.T. Co. Develops Single Control System for Filling Stations Chain and Concurrent Goods Sales for Nafta-Capital


I.T. Co. Develops Single Control System for Filling Stations Chain and Concurrent Goods Sales for Nafta-Capital
I.T. CO. began automation of Nafta-Capital business. A single filling station chain and sales of concurrent goods control system will be developed in the course of the project realization. The applied solution will facilitate efficiency of Nafta-Capital business, optimize sales and services management, and increase the number of filling stations clients.

The main area of Murmansk company Nafta-Capital business is retail sales of petroleum products through own chain of filling stations. For the clients convenience filling stations also have stores selling concurrent goods and foodstuffs. The wide scope of services offered at the filling stations, and desire to achieve the top quality of services for the clients dictated the need to implement modern business administration tools.

In November 2008 Nafta-Capital management made a decision to implement filling stations chain management system. After research and comparative analysis of specialized solutions offered in the market, the company chose complex I.T.-Oil solution. It turned out to have the best functionality, fully met the demands of the Nafta-Capital management, and has proven itself in the market.

The main I.T.-Oil system implementation goals were: to enhance business administration efficiency, attract clients by using marketing tools, intention to make sales management simple and transparent.

During the first stage of the project the I.T. Co. specialists will unite the head office, filling stations and stores of the company. Trade system included in the I.T.-Oil solution allows for automation of accounting, planning and control of trade activities. The company can expand the assortment of goods offered in stores without any limitation and without any difficulties. Because of this sales management will become simple and transparent.

The system provides bidirectional data transmission, allowing for centralized control of all chain objects. I.T.-Oil also includes a powerful function for development and execution of promo actions to attract clients, sell goods, increase sales of certain goods and groups of goods.

Moreover, creation of own cashless payment system will extend and supplement the ability to attract and retain clients. Also, the systems provides tools for development, conduction and analysis of marketing customer loyalty programs through accumulation of points and their exchange for prizes (goods, petroleum products, services), organization of discount programs.

2 thousand cards will be issued during the initial stage. The cards will be divided into two groups — for customer loyalty programs and for corporate clients that make cashless payments.

As a result from the I.T.-Oil system implementation the Nafta-Capital management plans to reduce the client service times at filling stations and stores, improve the managerial decisions making efficiency, increase the concurrent goods and services sales turnover, accelerate and improve reliability of data collection, processing and exchange between the central office and the filling stations chain.

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