I.T. Co. Modernizes Library of Dentistry School


I.T. Co. Modernizes Library of Dentistry School
I.T. Co. Completed Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University library automation project using complex I.T.-University information system. I.T.-University: Library system was implemented.

Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University (MSMDU) — is the main higher education facility in Russia preparing specialists in dentistry and one of the leading general medical schools. The main dentistry “factory” was founded in 1922, when the State Dentistry Institute was established.

MSMDU is among the winners of the contest held in the context of the national Education project for selection of universities implementing innovation education programs. The program presented by MSMDU presumed development and implementation of innovative health and resources saving technologies in the learning process. A part of this program was creation of an electronic library. I.T. Co. won the right to execute this project at a public tender.

The main I.T.-Library: University system implementation goals were: enhancement of the library and its staff efficiency, improvement of the quality of services offered by it, elimination of monotonous and labor intensive operations, and provision of new modern services to students.

In the course of the project I.T. Co. specialists created an electronic catalogue that can be used to search for and select required literature based on different criteria, and automated eighteen workplaces for library employees.

The implemented solution significantly simplified work of the MSMDU library staff. For example, automation improved precision of library stock tracking and speed of work with it thus improving the speed and quality of library users service. Students and teachers, in turn, gained the ability to use modern library and truly appreciate all advantages of automation.

About the Moscow State Medical and Dentistry University
The Moscow State medical and Dentistry University is a higher vocational education facility with various level programs: pre-university, general medical, basic higher medical, postgraduate education, and training of scientific and teaching staff.
The University has 7 departments: dentistry, medical, advanced training for dentists at all levels of post-diploma education, clinical psychology, general medical education, economics and management of healthcare enterprises.
106 sub-faculties of the University employ1169 teachers, including 215 professors, 360 associate professors, and 684 candidates of medical sciences. Over 7 thousand people are attending MSMDU.

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