I.T. Co. Implemented BOSS-Kadrovik at EPO Signal


I.T. Co. Implemented BOSS-Kadrovik at EPO Signal
I.T. Co. completed BOSS-Kadrovik HR management system implementation project at Engelsk Instrument Building Association Signal in the Saratov region. Now the salary and work experience calculation, staff schedule preparation, vacation lists and labor contracts preparation processes at the enterprise are done automatically.

EPO Signal is a part of the group of companies with the same name, and the biggest gas equipment manufacturer in Russia. Today the enterprise employs over 3800 people. Over the past several years HR accounting and salary calculation was done using several systems developed by the IT specialists of the enterprise. All this solutions worked separately which caused difficulties for their use and technical support. Moreover, tracking of actual hours worked by employees required integration of recoding system with the existing automated access control system. Because of this the company management decided to switch to a more modern automated HR management systems.

BOSS-Kadrovik HR management system is successfully operating at one of the companies from Signal Group since June 2007. Therefore the decision was made in favor of this solution and its developer — I.T. Co.

The project at EPO Signal began in October 2007 and was executed in several stages. After development of design and technical documents the I.T. Co. specialists commenced implementation of staff and HR frame of BOSS-Kadrovik system. At the same time the company integrated this frame with the automatic access control system. Staff-HR frame allows for automation of employees hire, transfer and fire processes, and preparation of the staff schedule.

During the second stage of the project I.T. Co. implemented time-salary frame that allows for monthly calculation of salaries and other types of employees' income, recalculation of salaries for past periods, and intermediary payments and various deductions. In order to provide for ability to work with previously used information the I.T. Co. specialists converted data from old accounting systems.

After training of EPO Signal employees in October 2008 BOSS-Kadrovik was put into trial operation. Based on the results of trial operation the decision was made to use it. EPO Signal received 18 licenses for BOSS-Kadrovik, but thanks to the shift-based work schedule 28 company employees use the system.

Head of the EOP Signal IT Department Maxim Rushmanov says: “Implementation of a modern HR management system will allow for significant optimization of working time of the company employees participating in salary calculation and HR management, and also provide technical support for this solution. A serious advantage of a unified system is avoidance of possible mistakes in preparation of accounting and tax statements.”

About EPO Signal
Engels Instrument Building Association Signal is one of the leading manufacturers of gas equipment in the CIS.

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