For the First time in Russia I.T. Co. Will Offer Wi-Fi Network Positioning Using RFID Labels


For the First time in Russia I.T. Co. Will Offer Wi-Fi Network Positioning Using RFID Labels
I.T. Co. starts offering positioning services in wireless Cisco networks in Russia using AeroScout active RFID labels. This solution is designed for a number of industries since it allows for tracking movement and collecting information about location of resources, detailes, machinery and employees.

In the end of March 2009 I.T. Co. and AeroScout signed the Value Added Reseller agreements under which I.T. Co. has the right to sell goods and services produced by AeroScout in the Russian Federation and the CIS. I.T. Co. became the first and, currently, the only authorized AeroScout partner in Russia and the CIS.

The solution is unique because it is capable of tracking the location and movement of objects marked by RFID labels in the entire Wi-Fi network coverage area. Any object equipped with AeroScout RF labels is shown on the computer monitor in real time. This enables a company to monitor and control many pieces of equipment and other valuable objects.

The economic effect from implementation of this solution lies in significant reduction of the company's costs associated with loss and theft of equipment or goods, as well as loss of time to find the necessary object (resources, details, machinery, employees, etc.).

In addition to identifying the location the technology used by I.T. Co. allows to use sensors built into the RFID labels to track a number of parameters, such as temperature, pressure, moisture, quantity, distance. All this is highly important for such industry as, e.g., mining: the company can track movement of miners, monitor temperature, pressure and other parameters in dangerous areas, ensuring their safety.

Some types of labels are equipped with a panic button. In combination with tracking function and maintenance of the required environmental parameters it suits for hospitals and clinics. The system makes sure the patient is kept in the required environment, and should the patient get worse, he can press the button and get urgent help. This allows for a significant improvement of safety and comfort while patient is treated.

The new solution might be interesting for industrial enterprises that have geographically distributed production facilities, workshops, with a large number of employees, machines and mechanisms. I.e. everywhere there is a need for online control over movement and location of various objects in real time in order to optimize resource use. Moreover, the I.T. Co. solution on AeroScout equipment will be demanded by the logistics and transport sectors since it will let them promptly track, locate and prevent theft of objects at warehouses, in seaports, at dealer parking lots.

Alexey Egorov, Head of the Multiservice networks Section at I.T. Co., says: ‘Similar solutions are widely used abroad, e. g., in medical facilities for registration and accounting of expensive equipment and wheelchairs. There are many enterprises and public organizations operating in Russia with very low level of material assets management. Therefore these services will be demanded by the Russian customers.’

About AeroScout
AeroScout is the leader on the unified asset visibility market. AeroScout was one of the first ones to start actively working in the Wi-Fi market, having developed the first in the industry active radiofrequency label Active RFID. Today AeroScout is the global leader in the number of such labels sold in the market.

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