RusHydro Optimizes Corporate Network Traffic


RusHydro Optimizes Corporate Network Traffic
The corporate data transmission network optimization project was executed at Zhigulevskaya HPP, a branch of OJSC RusHydro. The February testing showed an over 30% decrease in traffic in all subsystems between Zhigulevskaya HPP and the Moscow office.

RusHydro corporate data transmission network connects 20 branches in different regions of Russia. Construction of this network began in 2007. However traffic optimization was required in order to enhance its stability and reliability in operation with regional data transmission channels. The optimization pilot project commenced at Zhigulevskaya HPP in September 2008. The project is executed by employees of the RusHydro competence center and I.T. Co. – the winner of the tender held in summer of 2008.

Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) was chosen as the traffic optimization technology. It allows for significant symmetrical acceleration of data transmission in the global network.

In the course of implementation I.T. Co. specialists used traffic redirection from Cisco router to WAE (Wide-Area Application Engine) device. Optimization units were located in Zhigulevskaya HPP and the Moscow office nodes. Also, a statistical information management, collection and visualization unit was installed in Moscow. The work was completed without intervention in the data transmission process, allowing to avoid interruptions in operations.

According to Dmitry Smolyarov, Head of the IS Directorate at OJSC RusHydro, implementation of the traffic optimization technology allows not only for improvement of the data transmission network's technical indicators, but also for significant cost reduction due to a decrease in the data transmission volume. “This is especially important for regions where payment for communications is based on the actual traffic volume. The pilot project at Zhigulevskaya HPP demonstrated good results. This lets us apply the traffic optimization technology to other objects within the company,”— says Dmitry Smolyarov.

About OJSC RusHydro
OJSC RusHydro — the biggest Russian generating company and the second biggest in the world among hydro power companies based on the installed capacity. The Company’s installed capacity amounts to 25.34 GW, share in the Russian power market — about 15%.
OJSC RusHydro is the leader in energy production from renewable sources. It expands its capacity using energy of water flow, sea tides, wind and geothermal energy.

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