BOSS-Referent, I.T. Co. and Aplana Will Participate in DOCFLOW 2009


BOSS-Referent, I.T. Co. and Aplana Will Participate in DOCFLOW 2009
BOSS-Referent, I.T. Co. and Aplana, all part of the I.T. Group, will present a complex solution for documents and information management with BOSS-Referent at its core at the XV Anniversary Exhibition-Conference DOCFLOW 2009 that will take place on May 20th.

Annual Moscow Exhibition-Conference DOCFLOW is the biggest event in the Russian electronic documents management and management automation market. For 15 years now DOCFLOW unites professionals in the electronic documents management market and acts as the site where leading suppliers of ECM solutions (Enterprise Content management) present the latest developments, discuss key tendencies in the industry.

For DOCFLOW 2009 BOSS-Referent together with premium partners I.T. Co. and Aplana prepared an intensive program that will let visitors get familiar with extensive functionality of BOSS-Referent.

BOSS-Referent Stand (E 2, hall 2) grants an oportunity to “return” to the past and “visit” the future of documents management. Visiting our stand the exhibition visitors will fall into the memories of the past, and then step right into the near future —the world of technologies at the service of government and business.

BOSS-Referent stand visitors will learn about a complex solution addressing key issues in documents management in the federal and regional authorities, commercial companies. Electronic Documents Management System BOSS-Referent lies at the core of the solution. It allows for automation of regulations, support for complex approval routes, execution control, operation in a distributed environment and the web. Government representatives will be definitely interested in automated workstations implemented in BOSS-Referent for various categories of users, in particular – Minister's automated workstation. In order to expand functionality of the system and meet the client's practical needs BOSS-Referent implements electronic administrative regulations (EAR), interdepartmental and legally-valid documents circulation, electronic document archive.

For convenience of DOCFLOW 2009 guests reports on BOSS-Referent system were compiled into a special section “Modern EDMS — a Managerial Decision Making Tool” (11:00-12:30, Chaikovskiy Hall) It will cover the following questions:

How to resolve specific documents management issues within an organization using BOSS-Referent system.
How to make working with documents more comfortable for different groups of employees.
How to use BOSS-Referent system as the base for a complex solution for government authorities, to create the e-government system.
How simple it is to expand the capabilities of the system using modules developed by BOSS-Referent partners.
During the analytical section “Documents Management from A to Z” (at 15:30) representatives from Information Safety Center and BOSS-Referent company will talk about requirements imposed on electronic documents management system by the Personal Information Protection legislation and what Federal Service for Technical and Export Control certificates must have a modern EDMS.

Section “Modern EDMS — a Managerial Decision Making Tool” will continue with a unique round-table discussion “What advantages make IBM Lotus platform the most demanded in EDMS development” organized by I.T. Group, InterTrust and IBM (12:30-14:00, Chaikovskiy Hall). The round-table participants and experts will discuss the unique advantages of the Lotus platform that make it irreplaceable for documents management systems development in big geographically remote organizations with many users.

About DOCFLOW 2009
The XV Anniversary Conference-Exhibition DOCFLOW 2009 will take place on 20 May 2009 in Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel-Business Complex, located at Moscow, Ploshchad Evropy, 2.

About BOSS-Referent
BOSS-Referent is a part of the I.T. Group and the owner of the one most successful electronic documents management systems in the Russian market — BOSS-Referent. The company is responsible for product development, support of partners and the solution users. The system is implemented by the company partners.
Today the electronic documents management system BOSS-Referent is successfully used by commercial companies of various size and federal and (or) regional authorities, including: Federal Tax Service of RF (the biggest documents management system in Russia — over 80 thousand users), Federal Cadastre Agency of Real Estate Object of RF, MTS (the biggest corporate EDMS in Russia — over 25 thousand users), Baltica, Nemiroff, Severstal, and many others.

About Aplana
Aplana (I.T. Group) is the leading provider of services in development, support and testing of software applications for Russian and foreign corporate clients. The Company specializes in creation and development of business processes and information management systems for geographically distributed companies — reporting data collection and consolidation systems, assets management, investments management, electronic documents management, etc.
The Aplana's IBM/Lotus competence center specializes in development of complex geographically distributed applications with big data volume and number of users, enhancement of productivity of applications used by big corporate clients, their support, and is a partner of BOSS-Referent in distribution of the same-name system.

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