I.T. Co. Helps AlphaStrakhovanie with Personnel Records Management


I.T. Co. Helps AlphaStrakhovanie with Personnel Records Management
I.T. Co. completed implementation of a personnel management system at the headquarters and the Moscow regional center of OJSC AlphaStrakhovanie and at LLC AlphaStrakhovanie-Zhizn. Development of a centralized solution based on BOSS-Kadrovik allows for implementation of a single personnel management policy and reduction of costs related to operative collection of consolidated information on all enterprises within the holding.

AlphaStrakhovanie Group (AlphaStrakhovanie) unites OJSC AlphaStrakhovanie and LLC AlphaStrakhovanie-Zhizn under a single trademark. The company has over 380 regional representative offices operating in Russia and employs over 3000 people. The personnel records management and salary calculation system used by AlphaStrakhovanie was outdated and did not meet the requirements of the Russian legislation; therefore a decision was made in 2008 to implement a new personnel management system. I.T. Co. was chosen as the project executor.

The I.T. Co. specialists were to create a single personnel management solution for all companies in the insurance group, and unify the salary calculation methodology. They also had to automate the various personnel reporting processes for submission to controlling authorities, such as the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Federal taxation Service of the Russian Federation, Social Security Fund of the Russian Federation, Rosstat, and others.

After analysis and development of the technical documentation, the company specialists setup BOSS-Kadrovik modules and user workstations pursuant to the client's requirements. During the next stage BOSS-Kadrovik was integrated with the Parus accounting system and Oracle E-Business Suite eEnterprise management system. Also, the company specialists developed new types of reports that the system can generate automatically.

I.T. Co. specialists converted data from the systems used by AlphaStrakhovanie. This allowed for elimination of lengthy data entry process and reduction of the project execution term.

The project was executed by a combined team of I.T. Co. and AlphaStrakhovanie specialists. Due to availability of employees in I.T. Co. regional offices with expert knowledge of BOSS-Kadrovik implementation, specialists from Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd and Moscow were involved in execution of different project stages. This allowed to complete the project execution within the set deadline.

Commercial operation of Staff Schedule and Personnel Records Management modules began in the headquarters and Moscow regional center of OJSC AlphaStrakhovanie and LLC AlphaStrakhovanie-Zhizn on 1 November 2008. The BOSS-Kadrovik Salary Calculation module was put into commercial operation in the beginning of 2009.

Andrey Pedorenko, IT Director at OJSC AlphaStrakhovanie, says: “Implementation of the new system allowed for optimization of labor input. Subsequently we plan to replicate the solution developed during execution of the project in all regional company offices using remote access technologies.”

About AlphaStrakhovanie
AlphaStrakhovanie is one of the biggest Russian insurers with a universal services portfolio that includes complex business interests protection programs along with a wide selection of insurance products for individuals. The company is licensed to offer over 100 insurance products, including life insurance.
AlphaStrakhovanie trademark unites: OJSC AlphaStrakhovanie and LLC AlphaStrakhovanie-Zhizn. The AlphaStrakhovanie consolidated authorized capital amounts to 5 billion rubles.
Automated personnel management system BOSS-Kadrovik is a modern HRMS designed for big and dynamically growing medium enterprises. Developer and owner of automated HR management system BOSS-Kadrovik is company BOSS-Kadrovie Systemy, a part of the I.T. Group.

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