I.T. Co. Has Completed Warehouse Automation Project at Gazpromneft-ONPZ


I.T. Co. Has Completed Warehouse Automation Project at Gazpromneft-ONPZ
I.T. Co. together with ITSK has completed automation of work at OJSC Gazpromneft-ONPZ warehouse (part of OJSC Gazpromneft). The project included implemented a production and supply warehouse management system. The system uses bar-coding and facilitates data exchange with the enterprise corporate system built on the SAP R/3 platform. All this allowed for optimization of the warehouse' operating and its effective functioning.

Intensive development of Omsk refinery required perfection and automation of the warehouse control system. As the system integrator for the project I.T. Co. faced a number of challenges. The customer required an instrument for optimization of warehouse stock and floor area, accelerate records keeping and improve transparency of the operations, improve personnel work control, achieve reduction of costs, etc.

A competent partner was required to solve these issues with much experience in execution of similar projects and all the required expertise. ITSK together with its partner I.T. Co. offered a complex solution fully considering specifics of Russian production warehouses operations and capable of covering all the main supply business-processes. The project proposed implementation of a modern warehouse WMS system using bar-coding technology, its integration with SAP R/3 accounting system, and supply of all the required equipment.

Omsk Refinery automation project was separated into several stages. At first the company specialists carried out complex inspection of the warehouse, then used the data collected to describe current processes and design a new technology for the warehouse operation. Next step was labeling of materials and storage facilities and the initial stock count. Over 50 thousand stock items received barcode labels.

WMS system was implemented and integrated with SAP ERP system already used by the customer during the second project stage. In the course of the WMS system implementation the company specialists have organized automated workstations for the warehouse operator, economist, warehouse dispatch clerk, contracts specialists, manager. The warehouse system was also installed on portable data collection terminals used by warehouse clerks.

In order to achieve the best results Omsk Refinery specialists were trained in operations with the warehouse management system. The subsequent trial operation helped to get hands-on practice with all the warehouse processes under the WMS.

Work lasted for five months, which is a sufficiently short term for such projects.

It should be noted that for the most of the year Omsk refinery warehouse operates under below-zero temperatures, therefore special requirements were set for the system operation at the very start. For example, some warehouse areas had to maintain their functionality in the temperature range between –42 С° and + 50 С°. For this purpose the company specialists chose equipment and consumables capable of operating at low temperatures: portable data collection terminals Symbol MC 9090, thermal protection covers for terminals, plastic tags and synthetic labels, etc.

"The need to improve warehouse operations came up long time ago, — says Deputy Director of the Supply Department at Omsk Refinery, Pavel Ustinov. — And last year Head of the Supplies Department at OJSC "Gazprom Neft" offered for us to support the initiative for test new methods as part of long-term supplies development program prepared by the company. Warehouse No. 70 was chosen for the pilot project for its diverse stock of goods of various sizes, some bulky, some unit, i.e. requiring much effort from the stock tracking perspective. If the automated system will prove itself well in these conditions, we will be able to use at efficiently in other warehouses."

About Omsk Refinery
Omsk refinery was founded in 1955. Now the Company belongs to Gazprom-neft and is the biggest producer of light petroleum products in Russia.
Omsk Refinery is one of the leading Russian refinery enterprises, a giant industrial enterprise with extensive production base that constanly undergoes improvement and development in line with the top global advances of science and technology. The list of main technological processes of the Omsk Refinery includes: desalting and dehydration of oil; primary crude oil distillation; catalyc cracking; sulfuric acid alkylation; catalyc reforming; diesel hydrotreatment; aromatic hydrocarbone production and other.

About Information Technology Service company (ITSK)
Information Technology Service Company (ITSK) is a young innovation company operating in the high technologies field. The Company was built on the base of work groups working together for over 50 years, and this is a long term that demonstrates the maturity of teams. The Company was built from IT, communication, automation, control and measurement department of such companies as OJSC Gazprom-neft, OJSC Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz, OJSC Gazpromneft-Omskiy NPZ, OJSC Sibur Holding Group companies, and others. The forecasted staff number for the end of 2008 is over 3.5 thousand employees. The Company carries out its operations in such regions as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Noyabrsk, Omsk, kemerovo, Tobolsk, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Voronezh, Tula, Tver, and a number of CIS and nearby foreign countries.

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