I.T. Co. Signed Contract for RosOEZ EDMS Support


I.T. Co. Signed Contract for RosOEZ EDMS Support
I.T. Co. signed the contract for maintenance of the electronic documents management system at RosOEZ. Now BOSS-Referent EDMS based on IBM Lotus Domino/Notes platform operates at the Agency's central office and 4 special economic zones.

Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones (RosOEZ) is responsible for monitoring of agreements on SEZ' creation, registration of bodies corporate and private entrepreneurs as SEZ residents, and control over fulfillment of industrial-production and technical-implementation agreements by the residents. Currently there are 13 zones of three different type in Russia: 4 of them are technical-implementation. 2 — industrial-production, and 7 — tourism and recreation. RozOEZ employees process several hundred documents weekly. As new SEZ were created the documents circulation volume constantly increased the Agency decided to automate all document management processes.

Cooperation between I.T. Co. and RosOEZ began in 2007 when the Company won the tender for departmental EDMS development and automation of document management procedure at RosOEZ central office. The solution is based on BOSS-Referent software package — own development of I.T. Co. built on IBM Lotus Domino/Notes platform. I.T. Co. specialists have adapted the EDMS for special requirements of RosOEZ, installed and connected specialized software that allows for simultaneous scanning of large document volumes connecting document images with registration cards in the system in automatic mode.

In 2008 the Company installed and setup the system at RosOEZ central office and four regional branches — in Moscow, Lipetsk, Toms regions and Tatarstan Republic. 35 workstations were automated in each office.

Pursuant to the terms of the new contract concluded as a result of the tender in the beginning of June 2009 I.T. Co. will provide EDMS modernization and technical support services at the central and four regional offices of RosOEZ. These services will be provided 'till the end of the current year.

About the Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones
Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones was established by Resolution of the President of the Russian Federation dd. 22 July 2005 No. 855 "On Federal Agency for Management of Special Economic Zones". Main functions of the Agency – provision of government services and fulfillment of law-enforcement functions in management of special economic zones and monitoring of agreements on industrial-production or technical-implementation operations.

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