BOSS-Referent at Each 4th Workstation Based on Results for 2008


BOSS-Referent at Each 4th Workstation Based on Results for 2008
Electronic documents management system BOSS-Referent keeps improving its positions in the EDMS market. Among all the workstations automated in 2008 BOSS-Referent is installed on every 4th one.

According to analytical review of the EDMS market by consulting company DSS Consulting, based on 2008 results BOSS-Referent maintains its leading position in the market. Share of the product is 25% — one fourth of the EDMS market.

We should note that the share BOSS-Referent EDMS in increase in the number of new users increased since last year by 8 % — BOSS-Referent licenses occupied 17% of the market in 2007. As a result the share of EDMS executed on IBM Lotus platform has grown significantly: 36% of all new user EDMS workstations were modernized in 2008 with just two systems — BOSS-Referent and CompanyMedia. This confirms the growing popularity of Lotus solutions and increase in the number of clients interested in purchasing complete multifunctional EDMS that offer not only accounting functions, but also automation of major managerial processes and support for geographically distributed company operation within a single information environment.

Based on the number of new projects executed BOSS-Referent system stably comprises 3% share of the total number of projects in the market for several years.

In its report DSS Consulting company writes: "As seen from the graph, shares of electronic document management systems based on the number of installed workstations significantly differ from the shares based on the number of implementations. Large number of EDMS implementations does not guarantee that the system will lead in the number of automated workstations installed. The opposite is true: the simpler the system (box products), the more small implementation projects it will have, with a minimal number of workstations (usually from one to several dozen per project). And the other way - the more complex is the solution (Platforms/Constructors), the more time consuming is the implementation process, but the number of workstations can reach hundreds and thousands."

And true, BOSS-referent is used for execution of wide scale projects. Enough to say that two biggest documents management systems in Russia are built on BOSS-Referent platform: at public authorities — Federal Taxation Service EDMS, serving over 85 thousand users, and in the commercial sector — MTS EDMS that currently serves over 25 thousand company specialists. It is clear that the number of projects executed every year is not high. However this doesn't mean that BOSS-Referent is designed only for large organizations and holdings. Profile of BOSS-Referent users, according to DSS Consulting, is quite balanced and includes organizations with less than 100 employees as well as the ones with over 5000.

BOSS-Referent EDMS keeps leading position in the user increase dynamics for the second year in the row, with consolidated indicators bypassing all other solutions presented in the market.

"Once again, the graph illustrates significant growth dynamics of the systems: BOSS-Referent, DELO-Predpriyatiye, and CompanyMedia. As seen from the graph, BOSS-Referent has the greatest total number of installed workstations in Russia for 2007 and 2008," - says DSS Consulting in its report.

We would like to remind that DSS Consulting analysts for the second year separate all systems reviewed in the report into 3 categories based on their functional parameters.

In 2008 BOSS-referent became an unreachable leader in its category, and it is unlikely that its competitors in the category will be able to achieve the same results.

“BOSS-Referent has the biggest share of implementations in the upper level systems category — 45 %. In comparison to 2007 the share increased insignificantly, only by 2%. Position of western, more expensive solutions (Livelink ECM and Documentum) has deteriorated,” — indicate analysts in DSS Consulting report.

And BOSS-Referent accounts for over 3/5 of all upper level systems implementations — 62 %.

We would like to point out that 2008 has seen a growing demand for upper level systems: a 16 % increase in the share of workstations implemented in this category, reaching the total of 41% versus 34% in the previous year, while share of automated workstations in EDMS category has decreased from 51% to 33%.

About DSS Consulting
DSS Consulting is a company offering managerial and IT consulting services. DSS Consulting is the first independent IT market expert in Russia. Over the years of operation the company has accumulated unique experience in analysis of business IT applications market.
Analytical overview "Electronic Documents Management Systems Market in 2007" is one of the most complete independent market analyses. The analysis gets published for already 11th time.

About BOSS-Referent
BOSS-Referent is a part of I.T. Group and is the owner of one of the most successful EDMS brands in the Russian market — BOSS-Referent. The Company is responsible for product production and development, support of partners and solution users. The system is implemented by the Company partners.
Electronic documents management system BOSS-Referent today is successfully used by commercial companies of various sizes and by federal/regional authorities, including: Federal taxation Service of the Russian federation (the biggest electronic documents management system in Russia — over 85 thousand users), Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency of the Russian Federation, MTS (the biggest corporate EDMS in Russia — over 25 thousand users), Baltica, Severstal, and many others.

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