I.T. Co. Made Representative Office of RusSpetsStal Smart and Comfortable


I.T. Co. Made Representative Office of RusSpetsStal Smart and Comfortable
I.T. Co has completed unique engineering and infrastructure construction project at the new RusSpetsStal representative office. I.T. Co. specialists had to combine complex technological solutions with the exclusive design of the office.

Metallurgy holding RusSpetsStal has recently opened a new office in the center of Moscow. In order to prepare the office for operation the company specialists had to design and build all engineering and IT infrastructure from scratch. I.T. Co. was chosen as the project executor.

Complex of information and engineering systems in the office had to include LAN with the Internet access, telephone communications, reliable power supply and UPS. Moreover, office and adjacent territories had to be protected from unauthorized access.

Since the office is mainly needed for negotiations by the holding management, in addition to the basic set of infrastructure solutions the project also included systems improving the comfort level: light control, sound, window blinds, and air conditioning. Also, lighting and blinds are controlled in line with the “smart building” concept. This technology allows. for example, to control a whole group of lighting sources in any pert of the office with just one switch. Also there is a possibility of automatic turning on and off of lights at any time and for any period of time. Dynamics were installed on the ceiling in special locations to provide for acoustic support. Comfortable climate is maintained at the office by a fully functional air conditioning system.

The new office was built under an exclusive project and I.T. Co. specialists had to build the future IT infrastructure in such a manner that it did not require any modifications of the interior design. After thorough overview of the office and analysis of the initial project design the company specialists developed and got approved all the technical documentation.

I.T. Co. specialists have equipped RusStetsStal office with a structured cabling system (SCS) and used it to build a multiservice LAN. The IP telephony system was built using Cisco solutions and connected to the public telephone network. Wireless Ethernet segment allows for mobile Internet access for convenience of office staff and visitors. I.T. Co has also installed a TV system based on I.T.-SCS-Video solution and a video conferencing system. Protection of the network infrastructure and its services from unauthorized access was achieved with Cisco ASA adaptive security complex, antivirus software, total URL filtration, and spam identification and filtering system.

UPS system is used to provide for uninterrupted operation of servers, active network equipment, and local phone exchange. The security system offers 2 protection modes: windows-doors; interior space. Also there is a CCTV and access control system.

Anatoliy Balabanov, RusSpetsStal Deputy Director, notes: “A new solution was built for the holding's top management. This solution required wide scope of competences from I.T. Co. employees and all representatives of RusSpetsStal that participated in the project. As a result the new office of our company received modern engineering and IT infrastructure fully matching the modern requirements.”

About RusSpetsStal
CJSC RusSpetsStal was registered on 28 July 2006 and is an affiliated structure of state corporation Rostechnologii. RusSpetsStal is a privet-government metallurgy holding consisting of a group of company involved in production of special alloys and steel. 25.1% of CJSC RusSpetsStal shares belong to open joint-stock company Promimpex, founded by GSUE Rosoboronexport.
Today CJSC RusSpetsStal is a managing company of CJSC Volgograd Metallurgy Plant Krasniy October (Volgograd), OJSC Stupino Metallurgy Company (Stupino, Moscow region).

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