I.T. Co. consolidates all competences in Data Processing Centers (DPC)


I.T. Co. consolidates all competences in Data Processing Centers (DPC)
I.T. Co. has launched a Competence Center called ‘Data Processing Centers’ which combines the company’s resources in consulting services, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of DPCs.

I.T. Company's decision to create a Competence Center was made in early 2009. The Center is intended to consolidate all expertise in DPCs and to systematize the company’s work on projects related to DPCs.

At the initial stage, the resources from the Ural branch of I.T. Co. were drawn upon. This branch has significant experience indeveloping large infrastructure projects. Already the new subdivision unites dedicated experts regardless of their geographical location, which is especially important for I.T. Co. which has branches all over Russia. The essential design of the Competence Center combines all resources which are necessary for developing solutions and promoting them to the market, no matter the structural subdivision of the company to which they normally belong.

I.T. Co. has qualified designers, experts on staff for all engineering subsystems of the DPCs, and years of experience creating a wide variety of information systems for its clients. This enables the company to implement a new DPC project at any difficulty level, from a small server to a large state-of-the-art high-tech data center.

Andrei Siniachenko, former deputy sales manager of the Ural branch of I.T. Co., now head of the Competence Center, said, “By consolidating the company’s expertise on DPCs within the Competence Center we expect to raise the quality of our work with clients, as well as the efficiency of solutions we offer them. This will also provide us the possibility of reducing the project costs and implementation periods due to our standardized approach to project implementation at all stages, from specification to completion.”

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