I.T. Co. has Appreciated the Value of the Digital Printing Systems Market


I.T. Co. has Appreciated the Value of the Digital Printing Systems Market
I.T. Co. has organized new business section — Digital printing systems, that will specialize in development and integration of enterprize solutions using modern software and hardware digital printing systems. Michail Stepanov was appointed as the head of the new business section. Previously he worked as the Head of the Digital Printing Systems Division at Terem.

“Creation of a new business section today is a risky step and it was made with due consideration,” says I.T. Co. CEO Tagir Yapparov. “We see huge potential in such solutions and have no doubt in success of this new beginning. Plus, corporate printing systems can open new possibilities for many clients.”

Digital Printing Systems section will offer the whole scope of services related to supply, installation, and technical support of digital printing systems. Now the product portfolio of I.T. Co. new business section is presented with solutions of one vendor — InfoPrint Solutions (founded in 2007 by Ricoh and IBM). This selection is related to innovation, high reliability and absolute competitiveness of the equipment manufactured by this vendor. Moreover, I.T. Co. has agreements with major suppliers of finishing equipment (for example, Hunkeler), as well as development facilities and development documentation scanning system (Océ Technologies).

In light of the current market situation clients pay special attention to economic feasibility of projects, consider not only price of the equipment, but also printing cost. Print cost on InfoPrint equipment is considerably lower that with other manufacturers, so this equipment offers better benefits to clients.

I.T. Co. is already offering integrated software and hardware digital print solutions. In addition to multifunctional DTP, printing and finishing equipment they also include special print management software allowing for optimization and distribution of print job flows. Solutions of such scale can be integrated with the client's existing system. This facilitates work with electronic documents management systems, electronic archives, payment system, etc. Moreover, digital print systems can become a logical complement for a complex university automation solution I.T.-University, various subsystems of which are already used by many education institutions.

Such systems can solve numerous tasks such as express printing and access to information, consolidation of document management processes, reduction of printing cost, profit earning, etc. Moreover, specialized digital printing system can work on-demand. It allows any print run starting with just one copy, and offers paid authorization access to equipment and resources (in this mode the system can operate, e. g., at a university printing center or a library).

Another doubtless advantage of the digital printing complex is low requirements to support for its functionality. This, deployment requires relatively low area footprint (starting with 538,20 square feet), and control requires only three operators.

“It is clear that such digital printing complexes are not box products and currently there aren't that many installation projects in Russia. However this circumstance gives I.T. Co. a good chance to occupy solid positions in this market. Our company works with enterprises and organizations from various branches of the economy, and such solutions are very relevant for some of them. With opening of a new business sector we can offer a wider scope of services to our clients,” says Michail Stepanov.

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