I.T. Co. Received Exclusive Rights to Cable-Scout


I.T. Co. Received Exclusive Rights to Cable-Scout
I.T. Co. concluded an agreement with German software developer JO Software Engineering, developer of network infrastructure monitoring and management system Cable-Scout. Today I.T. Co. is the only Russian company allowed to officially supply Cable-Scout to Russia.

Cable-Scout is a system for electronic documenting of the network infrastructure physical level. Software has unique capabilities of graphic visualization and handy instruments for administering and access control.

Cable-Scout not only makes network and cabling infrastructure maintanance more convenient. The main advantage of the system is its support for updating and security of the status data on the infrastructure base level.

Today many companies use traditional network documenting practices, such as drawing paper plans, CAD, and making Excel spreadsheets. Work with such information carriers is inconvenient and labor intensive, and control over validity of available data is possible only at the most primitive level. Moreover, it gets harder with time as additions and changes are applied.

Thanks to its modular structure Cable-Scout can be used in networks of any scale, and its implementation does not require significant initial investments and offers payback during the first months of operation. Modularity allows for distribution of it implementation costs in time, which is also economically beneficial.

“Practice shows that Cable-Scout is most efficient in large distributed networks with mixed structure and large number of connections. Such solutions are mainly of interest for telecommunication companies, large enterprises, geographically distributed corporations that operate large networks based on own or leased communication channels,” says Alexey Efanov, Head of Cabling and Engineering Infrastructure Solutions Department at I.T. Co.

About JO Software Engineering
JO Software Engineering GmbH was founded in 1980. Today the company specializes in software development.

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