I.T. Co. joins the ranks of Microsoft's select partners


I.T. Co. joins the ranks of Microsoft's select partners
I.T. Co. has been given Microsoft’s Enterprise Solution Provider status, a confirmation of I.T. Co.’s high level of expertise in tackling complex, comprehensive infrastructure projects for major government and commercial clients.

With its new status as an Enterprise Solution Provider, Microsoft Corporation now guarantees the quality of I.T. Co.’s services for the largest, most diverse companies in a vast number of locations. I.T. Co. has gained experience carrying out infrastructure projects using a variety of Microsoft software products. In order to improve collaboration with its clients, I.T. Co. has created project teams that work with the full range of Microsoft’s infrastructure solutions — from unified directory service and email systems, to IT infrastructure management systems and security systems. The managers of these teams have undergone specialized internships and have been tested by experts from Microsoft Consulting Services, allowing I.T. Co. to offer clients highly-qualified consulting services and distribute the latest in Microsoft’s corporate products.

Only companies that have earned Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status and have entered into a Services Partner Advantage tech support agreement may take part in Microsoft’s Enterprise Solution Provider program. The Services Partner Advantage agreement permits companies to hire Microsoft experts in some instances in order to provide top quality, prompt solutions for client problems related to project integration and development.

Candidates for Enterprise Solution Partner status must also meet a number of additional criteria. In particular, companies must have the requisite range of specializations within four main competency areas: Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Information Worker Solutions, Security Solutions, and Unified Communications Solutions.

I.T. Co. has been working with Microsoft for over 10 years and earned its Gold Certified Partner status in 2006. The company’s extensive experience in implementing infrastructure projects using Microsoft software is confirmed by I.T. Co.’s lengthy list of clients, which include the Federal Fund for Mandatory Health Insurance, North Caucasian Bank of Sberbank of Russia, RusGidro OJSC, Gazprom TransGaz Saint Petersburg LLC, Gazprom TransGaz Stavropol LLC, the Administrations of the Moscow and Voronezh Regions, the Russian Federal Tax Services, and many others.

“We would like to congratulate I.T. Co. with the successful confirmation and well-deserved recognition of its expertise, and we are truly pleased that our corporate business proposal has been reinforced thanks to one of the key players on the IT market,” said Irina Kozlova, Microsoft’s Director for Collaboration with Large Clients in Russia. “We are confident that this status will open many doors for I.T. Co. with regard to new and interesting projects and business development.”

Denis Arkhangelsky, the Director of I.T. Co.’s System Software Department, stated: “Over the years that we have partnered with Microsoft Corporation, I.T. Co.’s experts have completed hundreds of different projects using this developer’s software solutions. The Enterprise Solution Provider status serves as yet more evidence of I.T. Co.’s extensive abilities in working with Microsoft products.”

About Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 and is now the world’s top software developer, service provider, and developer of Internet technologies for personal and network computers.
The Microsoft Corporation develops and releases a wide range of software products. These include operating systems for desktop computers and networks, server applications for client/server environments, desktop business applications and office applications for users, interactive programs and games, Internet resources, and tools for developers. Microsoft also offers interactive online services, publishes books on computing, manufactures computer accessories and peripherals, and is active in computing technologies research and development. Microsoft products are sold in over 80 countries around the word and have been translated into over 45 languages (including Russian) and are compatible with most personal computer platforms.
Microsoft opened an office in Russia in November 1992 (operating as Microsoft Rus LLC since July 2004). The Russian office promotes the company’s software, develops its network of partners, introduces new products, localizes advanced solutions, and contributes to the development of Russia’s IT market.

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