I.T. Co. supports Yota's regional expansion


I.T. Co. supports Yota's regional expansion
I.T. Co. has created the data processing infrastructure for a multi-service communications center in Ufa — part of Yota’s Mobile WiMAX network. I.T. Co. saw this project from start to finish, from obtaining permit documentation and designing the communications network, to obtaining agency inspection reports, completing construction, assembly and start-up works, and launching operations.

This project was underway at the same time that I.T. Co.’s Competence Center for Data Processing was founded. This competence center organizes the company’s expert know-how and systemizes data processing operations.

In line with plans to roll out a national Mobile WiMAX network in Russia, Yota has been working on building its own transport network and communications centers in Russia’s regions. Yota appointed I.T. Co. its partner in building the first regional communications network under this project in January 2009.

What made this project different was the need to proceed with the working design based on both the “meat and potatoes” of the Data Processing Center’s engineering system and the communications center’s technological system. Also, in order to complete the facility’s construction, an expert report and permits from a number of different regulatory and supervisory bodies were required. Yota makes customer service quality a top priority, which is why when it came to building all of its transportation network centers and the communications center, it selected an architecture with complete backup technological subsystems and a backup engineering system based on the n+1 scheme.

The multiservice communications center is the result of I.T. Co.’s design and exploration works. The communications center was designed to provide telematics and data transmission services. The company’s design concepts will also allow the company to offer its subscribers other combined services in the future.

The state-run Industry Center for ICT Monitoring and Development (the IT M&D Center) under the Russian Federation Ministry of Mass Communications issued an expert report on the project’s compliance with all communications requirements and recommended that it be approved and launched. The permit documentation that was obtained — thanks to the efforts of I.T. Co. specialists — has helped streamline the communications center building process and ensure that everything was submitted to communications and technical regulators without need for revisions and on schedule.

The communications center is currently working in test mode, which will help Yota conduct some experiments on the Mobile WiMAX network in Ufa and test the quality of services that will be offered before launching commercial operations. Load-testing of the Team Yota project has made it possible to verify the stability of service functions and optimize the performance of the communication center’s dual components. The launch of industrial operations is scheduled for early October 2009.

Ruslan Shagaleyev, the Director of Regional Development in the Volga Federal District, noted that “Ufa is the third city after Moscow and St. Petersburg where Mobile WiMAX has been rolled out. And Ufa is where we gained some very valuable experience in terms of creating a communications center from scratch. Our company plans to develop actively and create a communications network in a number of Russian cities. Meanwhile, the reality is that in the regions today, there is typically no ready-to-fit infrastructure in place that you can use to set up a technological system. We will use the experience we gained in Ufa in the future when we roll out communications networks in other cities. Right now I.T. Co. is working on a similar multiservice communications center in Sochi.”

About Yota
Yota is the first Mobile WiMAX™ network in Russia (IEEE standard 802.16-2005), providing high-speed mobile access to the Internet and switching between stations without interrupting connections. Yota’s 4G Internet is unlimited, fast, wireless, and accessible everywhere. Yota’s network has already been introduced in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Ufa. Yota is easy to access with a variety of devices, including: modems, laptop computers, routers, and the HTC MAX 4G handset, the world’s first GMS + Mobile WiMAX handset. Yota offers one-of-a-kind mobile services that take advantage of high-speed wireless Internet access: mobile television, bandwidth-heavy video content, digital music services with access to hundreds of thousands of tracks from the world's top labels, a photo blogging site, and much more.
The Yota brand brings together companies in network development, software developers, and content aggregators.

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