Oleg Bakiyev becomes head of the I.T. Co. Regional Business Department


Oleg Bakiyev becomes head of the I.T. Co. Regional Business Department
Mr. Oleg Bakiyev has been appointed director of the Regional Business Department of the I.T. Co. company. Previously, Mr. Bakiyev was director of the company's Urals branch. Bakiyev will now be responsible for I.T. Co.'s whole regional network.

Oleg Bakiyev graduated in 1987 as system engineer from the Ufa Aviation Institute (it is presently the Ufa State Aviation Technical University). After the army service, he worked from 1989 till 1995 as leading system engineer-programmer at the Institute of Problems of Superplasticity of Metals, Russian Academy of Sciences. He began his career at I.T. Co. in 1995, first as sales manager of the company's newly created first regional agency, having its office in the city of Ufa. Subsequently, he occupied positions of executive and commercial directors of the Urals branch. In 2004, he became director of the branch. Bakiyev is married, he has a daughter. His hobbies are photographing and Russian billiards. He is also fond of traveling.

As director of the Regional Business Department, Mr. Bakiyev will be responsible for further development of I.T. Co.'s regional business. At present, the company's regional network embraces all the largest Russian cities, which guarantees that the customers will have timely, high-quality support of their projects at any point of project implementation, in any area of the country. Each regional office, in their region, provides the company's whole spectrum of solutions and services, and uses the joint pool of I.T. Co. resources.

The new director will be in charge of developing and implementing the company's regional business strategy as well as enhancing regional sales of I.T. Co.'s products and services.

Mr. Andrei Siniachenko has been appointed director of the I.T. Co. Urals branch. He will also be head of the Data Processing Center Competence Center.

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