I.T. Co. Offers to Insurers the Specialized BOSS-Kadrovik HRMS


I.T. Co. Offers to Insurers the Specialized BOSS-Kadrovik HRMS
I.T. Co. offers a new branch-oriented solution: the HR management system for the local insurance companies based on the BOSS-Kadrovik product. The advisability of this solution is explained by I.T.'s great experience in the field of automating personnel management and payroll calculation at insurance companies, by the fixed demand for this kind of systems, as well as by the desire to consolidate in a single product all the gathered previously expertise.

The insurance market is a dynamically developing one, and it sets up serious claims to the local insurance companies. Successful insurance business requires highly qualified personnel as well as human resources management business processes. Such tasks can only be solved by means of up-to-date automatic management systems that can be quickly implemented and support unlimited scaling.

A solution for insurance companies is creating a Single Clearing Center (SCC). In this case, as a rule, the staff operations are centralized and performed at the large branches (regional centers), while the payroll calculations are performed at the SCC.

This approach makes it possible to apply at the company the unified standards and labor remuneration principles, ensure efficient centralized technical support, raise the accountants' efficiency, and tune up the centralized, timely updatable personnel database. All this makes it possible to generate analytic reports featuring any company personnel characteristics, make the necessary HR management decisions, ensure company safety of the staff personal data as well as limiting staff's access to the employee data according to the Russian law, and reduce the total system maintenance expenses.

Other SCC advantages are: integration interfaces making it possible to build the HRMS in the company’s MES or ERP system; integrating the HRMS with the system of insurance agreements registration and calculating the insurance agents' commission.

“The solution offered by I.T. is based on huge experience of implementing the BOSS-Kadrovik system at insurance companies, and it is positioned as a product which is useful, first of all, for this category of customers”, says Vladimir Osipov, I.T.'s head of the Personnel BOSS implementation department. “At the same time, this solution can be used by other organizations having a regionally distributed structure. The existing techniques and templates as well as the settings used in the solution will reduce the duration of the projects and raise their quality.”

I.T.'s customers include Russian leading insurers, such as Rosgosstrakh, AlfaStrakhovanie, Renessans Insurance Group, Gas Industry Insurance Society (SOGAZ), SOGAZ-Med Insurance Company.

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