I.T. Co. Developing a New BOSS-Referent Based on Microsoft Platform


I.T. Co. Developing a New BOSS-Referent Based on Microsoft Platform
The new BOSS-Referent is a corporate ECM system. It is being developed on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform, incorporating the Microsoft Technological Center solutions. The system will be used by large geographically distributed enterprises and support over 50,000 corporate users.

Today, at the formal opening of the Microsoft Technological Center in Russia, the I.T.Company has announced the beginning of developing a breakthrough version of the well-known BOSS-Referent system, a corporate ECM solution to operate on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform.

“We are happy to announce the start-off of the project. We can do it thanks to the invaluable support rendered by Microsoft experts creating the system architecture. The Microsoft Technological Center has made it possible for us to access its software and hardware resources as well as the Microsoft database”, says Tagir Yapparov, the I.T. CEO. “Our estimation shows that using the Center's resources, we will save around USD100,000, which is approximately 10% of the total investment in the project.”

Using the Technological Center resources, I.T. and Microsoft specialists have tested the solution concept to be followed by creating the architecture. According to the schedule, the first version of the product will be released in March 2010. It will be fully integrated with MS Office 2010, ensuring to the company's personnel fast and efficient access to the unstructured data (from 100 TB). The system will be used by large geographically distributed enterprises to support the work of more than 50,000 corporate users.

Testing the BOSS-Referent pilot versions will be also performed together with the Microsoft Technological Center and take into account the customer's specific requirements. The Center's resources make it possible to reconstruct any infrastructure and test the ECM system under conditions very close to the real-life ones.

“This project demonstrates the great importance of the Microsoft Technological Center for the Russian IT industry,” says Nikolay Prianishnikov, Microsoft President in Russia. “The Center renders a lot of support to Russian companies. It helps them create innovative products and solutions and save time and money.”

About Microsoft corporation
Microsoft corporation, created in 1975, is the world's leader in developing software, business management solutions, offering service and developing PC- and server-based Internet technologies. It offers a wide range of business and personal application software that can extend personal and corporate capabilities by using up-to-date software, any time, at any place, on any hardware.
A Microsoft agency was created in Russia in 1992 (it is Microsoft Rus Ltd. since July 2004). Its mission includes software sales and marketing, extending the IT market, implementing and localizing up-to-date technologies in Russia.

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