I.T. Co. Has Performed an Integrated Project at the Frito Lay Plant


I.T. Co. Has Performed an Integrated Project at the Frito Lay Plant
I.T. Co. has implemented at the Frito Lay Manufacturing Ltd. (Kashir, Moscow oblast’) a unique solution that integrates cafeteria management and access control system into the corporate SAP R/3.

Frito Lay Manufacturing Ltd. is a division of PepsiCo, Inc. and also the world and Russia leader in salted snacks production and sales. The requirements, namely: a higher security level, food allowance, and working hours control, arise from the company’s goals. To achieve these goals, in early 2008 the company management chose I.T. Co. to provide a complex integrated solution that would comprise a control and access management system (CAMS), an cafeteria management automation system, and SAP R/3, which the customer already had experience of using.

The work began in late August last year, with implementing the CAMS. The solution ensures sanctioned entering the plant territory and makes it possible to control access to the special premises in various buildings. According to the customer's requirements, the CAMS features functionality that provides automatic hourly reports to the administrator on staff members and visitors' locations on the plant territory. This allows to strictly monitor the actual hours worked, which, in its turn, results in lower expenses and more transparency when calculating the salaries. The system stores data on personnel and visitors' locations on the plant territory, and, if required, permits to quickly find the person in question, also in case of emergency.

The automatic cafeteria management ensures high speed of service, accounting and control as well as cash receipts. Besides, automatic allowance accounting makes it much easier to calculate the taxes.

Proximity smart cards are used as a unified identifier for entering the plant territory, the buildings, and the cafeteria.

As part of the project, I.T.Co. has contributed to modernizing the plant's IT infrastructure according to the up-to-date requirements. Computing machinery has been supplied to the plant to ensure the required productivity.

Alexander Kostikov, communication director of PepsiCo Russia: “The new integrated solution has resulted in faster and more accurate allowance accounting, much better security, lower costs of calculating and paying the salaries, and better general and production discipline.”

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