At a conference on RFID technologies I.T. Co. and Cisco presented solution for corporate information system


At a conference on RFID technologies I.T. Co. and Cisco presented solution for corporate information system
Hotel Marriott Tverskaya, Moscow, held on December 1st, 2009 the conference on RFID technologies in management, accounting and location control of enterprise key assets. I.T. Cotogether with Cisco hosted the event. IT managers as well as enterprise and company chief accountants form diverse economic sectors including such sectors as finance industry, insurance segment, oil and gas sector, power-generation, transport, retail and other segments took part in the conference.

The major aim of the conference was to provide attendees with latest but widely recognized on Russian market RFID technologies. I.T. Co. specialists presented reports, which stated the main application fields for such solutions and illustrated the goals, which were achieved as a result of its application.

Alexander Lyalichkin, Automatic identification Business development director, has launched the conference with open summary report. In his report he pointed out the basic technologies for automatic identification and the ways of its application in fund management and accounting control, inventory and mobile asset location control.

Later during the conference two plenary sessions were held which enabled the attendees to find out more information about solution main application fields based on RFID for corporate information systems.

During the second plenary session, where mainly IT managers took part, I.T. Co. with the assistance of Cisco corporation provided the attendees with application possibilities of RFID technologies in corporate information system management. The unique solution for Russian market focused on mobile asset location control in wireless network and realized on the base of AeroScout technology was presented to the attendees.

The unique solution enables to locate and track items labeled with RFID tag all over the acting Wi-Fi network. Every item equipped with AeroScout FRID tag provides real time visibility on the screen of operator. It enables to track large amount of equipment and any other items, which represent extrinsic value to the company. AeroScout technology widens the borders of wireless network application and helps to use it as a resource smart use and labor efficiency enhancement tool. Currently I.T. Co. acts as the first and unique AeroScout authorized partner in Russian Federation and CIS.

Together with plenary sessions the work of demo zones was organized where attendees could test the work of presented automatic identification systems.

“Recently RFID is widely used in corporate information systems for problem solving of diverse goals. Material and stock accounting, technical maintenance and scheduled operation works management, onsite location record and control are among those business goals, which can be effectively solved with the use of RFID technologies. We note a great interest for our customers to this type of solutions. In I.T. Co. we accumulate a great effective RFID implementation experience from enterprises involved in varied economic sectors,” Dmitry Vedev, marketing director at I.T. Co., said in a statement.

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