Kaleidoscope of IT Events by I.T. Co.


Kaleidoscope of IT Events by I.T. Co.
I.T. Co. presents its new Internet project “Kaleidoscope of IT events 2010” dedicated to the 20-year anniversary of the company. http://kalendar.it.ru.

The mark its 20-year anniversary, I.T. Co. is happy to present a special creative project – a calendar of historic IT events. The calendar Kaleidoscope of IT events 2010 highlights the most remarkable events, which have significantly effected the development of the global IT industry. It overviews various inventions in the field of computer technology, releases of new software products, new scientific discoveries, life facts of famous IT personalities, and significant events in the history of the largest IT corporations. Several pages of the calendar are primarily devoted to the history of I.T. Co.

Information about all events represented in the IT calendar is collected from numerous public resources and tailored by I.T. Co. Marketing team especially for this project. It is worth mentioning that various resources attribute different dates to some of the events and we do not claim reliability of the source publication and we base this or that date in accordance with our subjective level of trust to this or that resource. If you find out any inaccuracies in our text or if you want to report on IT events which were not included in this calendar, please send us your comments and suggestions to info@it.ru (subject of email: “IT Calendar”) indicating the information resource.

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