I.T. Co. Implements Windows 7 in Clinical Hospital in Alexandro-Maryinskaya Region


I.T. Co. Implements Windows 7 in Clinical Hospital in Alexandro-Maryinskaya Region
I.T. Co. specialists have executed works on a pilot deployment of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7 for clinical hospital in Alexando-Maryinskaya region. Prepared solution for installation of new operating system allowed automated change of operating systems on PCs of hospital staff who have already appreciated the comfort, reliability and work speed of this software.

The management of the hospital is very demanding when choosing information systems or software, which is indeed one of the tools of daily work of hospital personnel. In fact, expert use of computers and necessary software allows to achieve quality improvement of provided services as well as overall performance.

Within such strategy the management of clinical hospital of Alexandro-Maryinskaya region tends to use only modern software products. When licensing the existing software the hospital hasn’t limited itself by purchase of required number of user licenses for various applications only, but also additionally acquired Microsoft Software Assurance support program. This program during the initially specified period of time allows the owner of the software to acquire free of charge new versions of vendor’s software. Due to this fact the management of clinical hospital showed a special interest in the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, which was officially released in October 2009. Even now it is obvious that this version in many ways surpasses the previous version and therefore deserves special attention. For appropriate assessment of capabilities of the new system as well as its compatibility with other applications, the project for a pilot zone deployment was carried out.

During implementation I.T. Co. specialists switched a limited number of personal computers to Windows 7, i.e. computers owned by “telemedicine”, clinical hospital administration and main department heads. Keeping of familiar application settings and data integrity after the deployment process allowed the users to return to work immediately after installation of the new operating system. Besides, technical specialists of the hospital were actively participating in the installation and mastered different ways of deployment of Windows 7. Such approach would allow to test in practice the new operating system and allow to take the right decision in favor of modern technologies.

Collaboration of I.T. Co. with clinical hospital of Alexandro-Maryinskaya region dates for years. During this time several projects have been implemented related to the construction of computer and network infrastructure, delivery, implementation and support of various types of software. Deployment of the pilot zone added one more chapter in the history of existing good relationships.

“It is very important for us that Windows 7 pilot zone would be launched in accordance with specifics of our work and all applications that are used by the hospital”, Nikolay Ivanovich Kabachek, chief physician of clinical hospital of Alexandro-Maryinskaya region, noted. “Who else but our long time business partner I.T. Co. could help in this problem solving. Nowadays there is nothing to do in the sphere of medicine without the use of modern information technologies. Despite of the fact that this exact case doesn’t concern specific industry solutions, but simply focused on the operating system, the importance of this project is not depreciated for us. Indeed, the work of the user with industry, financial or any other information system starts with a computer equipped with a standard operating system, i.e. a platform on which everything functions”.

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