IT-SCS Development Director Completes Doctorate Degree


IT-SCS Development Director Completes Doctorate Degree
Andrey Borisovitch Semenov, IT-SCS Development Director, defended the first in Russia doctoral dissertation on Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) and earned PhD of Technical Sciences.

Upon decision of the Higher Certifying Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation dated December 11, 2009 Andrey Borisovitch Semenov was conferred the academic title of PhD of Technical Sciences majoring in 05.12.13 Network systems and telecommunication devices.

Scientific research of Andrey Borisovitch is the first in Russia doctoral dissertation focused on structured cabling systems. His thesis Development of theory and engineering applications for building of structured cabling systems defended by him in Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUSI) focuses on scientifically based understanding of engineering solutions and their implementation, which significantly contributed in the development of the cabling industry in our country.

The development of methods for complex technical problem solving during the project implementation has a great meaning for the telecommunication market. The scientific research of Andrey Semenov represents an example of creative approach to this process. The thesis has purely applied character. As a result, a range of engineering applications as well as development of a set of common engineering principles, rules and recommendations was worked out. While writing the thesis a great amount of statistical information was accumulated which could drastically facilitate problem solving connected with project design, implementation and operation of Structured Cabling Systems.

The thesis comprises the knowledge gained and accumulated during the years of existence and development of Russia’s first structure cabling system IT-SKS. Starting from 1996 numerous projects have been implemented, with the total number of installed ports now exceeding 1.5 million. The accumulated practical experience achieved during this period was used not only in the doctoral thesis, but also in more than 130 publications of Andrey Semenov. Additionally, 11 of the author’s monographs have for a long time been the reference books for most Russian and many foreign SCS specialists.

Besides IT-SCS development and writing of research papers on construction and operation of cable infrastructure, Andrey Semenov is actively involved in teaching activities and is a chair of the Structured Cabling Systems department at MTUSI. Moreover, more than 2,500 attendees have taken part in the unique courses on SCS design, offered by I.T. Academy and created with the direct involvement of the doctor of science.

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