Electronic Document Management System BOSS-Referent in the Executive Office of Joint Stock Company TGK-4


Electronic Document Management System BOSS-Referent in the Executive Office of Joint Stock Company TGK-4
I.T. Group of companies announced project completion of system implementation of EDMS BOSS-Referent in the Executive office of JSC TGK-4. As a part of the project, key business processes of the company related to electronic document management were automated. Currently 300 users work with the system.

JSC TGK-4 is one of the largest generating companies in Russia and includes 10 filial branches. The business of the company covers 11 areas in the Central region of Russian Federation.

The decision to implement a new electronic document management system was taken by management of the company JSC TGK-4 due to the fact that the previously used electronic document management system covered a narrow scope of automated business processes and had significant limits.

Key criteria in favor of EDMS BOSS-Referent included:
  • system implementation on the platform of Lotus Domino/Notes due to the fact that corporate mail system of the company is built on this platform and actively used
  • opportunities to create a common information space for regionally spread organizations
The main task of implementation of corporate electronic document management system was focused on establishment of a common standard of work with electronic documentation, which could provide security, management and document access; timely receipt of documents and document processing, reduction of time for document preparation, approval and execution as well as the merge of regionally distributed branch offices in a common information space.

The joint working group of Aplana (I.T. Group of companies) and JSC TGK-4 specialists implemented the project in five months, including pilot operation. The following business processes were automated during the project:
  • processing of incoming/outgoing documentation
  • work with office memos
  • work with policy, procedures and standards documentation
  • work with requests and control of executive discipline
  • contracts
Additionally, and automated performance monitoring feature was developed during the project, accessible through a separate login in BOSS-Referent system. Using this web login, senior managers are able to control order execution performance of the company’s personnel, as well as to track information on the stage of approval of documents through a user-friendly web interface.

In order to create common information space, the management of JSC RGK-4 plans further scaling of the system in other regional offices.

About TGK-4
JSK Territory Generating Company № 4 (TGK-4) is a Russian energy company established as a result of the restructure of RAO UES of Russia. TGK-4 groups 10 former AO-Energo power plants located in the Central Federal District. The company has 25 power plants, 7 heating supply network companies and 665 boiler houses. Find more information on  

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