I.T. Co. Implements Engineering Infrastructure System of the Data Center for UGORIA Insurance Company


I.T. Co. Implements Engineering Infrastructure System of the Data Center for UGORIA Insurance Company
I.T. Co. implemented an engineering infrastructure system for the Data Center at headquarters of UGORIA Insurance Company in Khanty-Mansyisk.

Due to the implementation of new information systems and equipment, the load on engineering equipment has significantly increased at the headquarters of UGORIA Insurance Company. For this reason the management of the company decided to implement modern information and engineering systems.

Following the result of the tender for the development of an engineering infrastructure for the Data Center, I.T. Co. was appointed contractor. These works constitute part of an integral project, which aims to create a new Data Center. Therefore, the main aim was to prepare the infrastructure premises of the Data Center for the upcoming installations of computers, telecommunication equipment and data storage systems.

In February 2009 I.T. Co. started implementation works, consisting of three main phases: the choice of solution and preparation of design and costs documentation; equipment supply; installation and commissioning.

I.T. Co. specialists installed the following systems and services necessary for the effective operation of the Data Center:
  • Structured Cabling System IT-SCS
  • UPS for the Data Center
  • Diesel Generator
  • Electrical and Lighting System
  • Cooling System for the Data Center
  • Automated Gas Fire Suppression System
  • Raised Floor System
  • Cable Wiring System
“As a result of the implemented engineering infrastructure system for the new Data Center we gained a scope of advantages, which are necessary for more efficient work of the company as a whole and, in particular, for IT departments. Among the advantages are the following: sustained information service provision, possibility of further development of technical park, reduction of downtime in case of emergency, reduction of operating costs, etc.”, Igor Bykovski, UGORIA’s Director of Technical Infrastructure and Technical Support, said.

UGORIA State Insurance Company was established in 1997. Yugra, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, is the sole shareholder of the company.
Currently UGORIA’s authorized share capital is estimated at the level of 1,833 billion rubles. UGORIA State Insurance Company is a universal insurance company, which has a wide portfolio of insurance services. The company has rights to carry out 20 types of insurance and reinsurance services with the use of 84 different insurance rules. UGORIA regional network includes 64 regional offices and more than 180 agencies and retail outlets, operating in 54 Russian regions. Find more information on    

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