I.T. Co. Implements One More Infrastructure System for Yota in Sochi


I.T. Co. Implements One More Infrastructure System for Yota in Sochi
I.T. Co. implemented the infrastructure system for Yota’s Data Center in Sochi to support expansion of Yota’s Mobile WiMAX Network there. This is the second project I.T. Co. implemented for Yota after Ufa’s communication center proved its reliability.

In 2009 within its implementation program of a national Mobile WiMAX network in Russia, Yota began active expansion in the regions, where it focused on implementation of its own transport networks and communication centers. The first communication center was implemented in Ufa, where I.T. Co. provided engineering infrastructure services. Based on the results of the Ufa project, Yota decided to involve I.T. Co. in implementation works in other cities where the company deploys its network. 

The technical solution for the multiservice communication center includes all necessary engineering subsystems: Precision Air Conditioning System, UPS System, Gas Fire Suppression and Fire Safety Systems. As in Ufa, the architecture with full backup of technological subsystems and redundancy of engineering subsystems based on N+1 scheme, was used to implement the communication center. The communication center has on premise a hardware room of 80 square meters, switchboard and a room for spare parts storage.

The entire process of implementation, starting from the project design and ending with system operation, was accomplished in record setting time of just 2 months. This allowed launching of Sochi’s Yota Mobile WiMAX network in testing operation in September 2009.

“When we plan the dynamic development of Yota’s network, we should always keep in mind the importance of having the appropriate hardware base. The Data Center of any company is a critical thing, and especially when talking about a service provider, when the quality of service depends on consistent, effective and reliable functioning of the equipment. Therefore, from the very beginning we’ve designed and implemented the Data Center in such a way, that it meets all modern safety standards and prevents the violation of normal operation of critical systems. On the other hand, the Data Center has a high level of scalability, which allows, in case of necessity and further development of the network, to increase its capacity. All these goals were achieved due to the project team and professional approach of its participants”, Konstantin Urganov, Yota’s Technical Director, said.

About Yota
Yota is the first Russian high-speed wireless network based on Mobile WiMAX™ (IEEE 802.16-2005 standard), which provides fast mobile Internet access and switching between stations without interruption of connection. Yota 4G Internet is unlimited, wireless and accessible anywhere.
Yota extends across five Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Sochi and Krasnodar.
Yota is also deploying its 4G network outside Russia: in Belarus, Nicaragua and Peru.
Simple connection to Yota is assured through a variety of devices including modems, laptops, routers and the world’s first GSM + WiMAX mobile phone the HTC MAX 4G.
Yota supplies unique mobile services using fast wireless connection to the Internet: mobile TV service, own video and music content with hundred of thousands of tracks from leading record labels, etc.
Yota is a member of the WiMAX Forum, which groups global leaders in WiMAX technology and communication services.

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