Administration of Klin Municipal District Implements BOSS-Referent based on Open Source Software


Administration of Klin Municipal District Implements BOSS-Referent based on Open Source Software
I.T. Co. implemented a project to automate reporting and decision-making processes controlled by the Head of Klin municipal district. As a result, a first step has been made towards replacement of traditional paper document management by electronic document management system. Initial use of a new system has already allowed a reduction of reporting burdens and permitted efficient time management of the Administration’s personnel.

Activities performed by the Administration of Klin municipal district involve work with a sophisticated system of information flows and a large volume of different documentation: requests addressed by citizens, official documents from directors of companies, internal and interdepartmental documentation, orders, and federal and regional authorizations. Therefore, the implementation of modern electronic document management system (EDMS) was crucial. Despite of the relatively high level of computer automation, the Administration used only paper document management. Large amounts of information represented by documents and spreadsheets were accumulated in the form of numerous separate files along with traditional paper archives.

While taking decision on automation, the Administration had several objectives, including: improvement of business processes due to the use of modern information technologies and development of an environment for the further use of electronic technologies based on open platforms (Open Source Software). The choice of BOSS-Referent EDMS based on open source was determined as the best price/quality ratio.

The implementation of EDMS has drastically changed the work habits of the Administration’s personnel. Therefore, personnel adaptation to the new system became an extremely important part of the implementation. This process passed rather smoothly due to I.T. Co.’s implementation expertise and training procedures adapted for a smooth switch over to the new document management system.

The electronic document management system has allowed automation of reporting and decision-making processes controlled by the head of the Administration, therefore reduced the time required for business processes. Additionally, due to implementation of electronic document management system (EDMS), the decision-making processes have been improved and fostered the increase of effective document management of the Administration in general.

“While implementing the EDMS for Administration of Klin municipal district, we worked closely with the future users of the system. This approach allowed us not only to accomplish implementation in a short-time, but also to develop a user-friendly solution. While configuring business processes, established forms and operating procedures were taken into account. As a result, users quickly mastered their skills to operate the new EDMS and started its full-scale operation. Indeed, that is the main objective of the project”, said Nikolay Pashkin, I.T. Co.’s Executive Director of Enterprise Content Management Solutions Department.

Currently, EDMS is installed on 30 workstations. In future is it planned to scale implementation of BOSS-Referent in order to fully equip all of the Klin Administration.

About Administration of Klin municipal district
Administration of Klin municipal district is an executive and administrative agency of local government body, which resolves problems of local importance. Administration of Klin municipal district carries out its activity within its competence and in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, has a legal status and is a key spending unit of the budget. The total number of employees does not exceed 500 people.

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