The Government of Voronezh Region Purchased General License for «BOSS-Referent: Public Administration»


The Government of Voronezh Region Purchased General License for «BOSS-Referent: Public Administration»
I.T. Co. implements a project to introduce electronic document management system for public authorities of Voronezh region, which transfers a non-exclusive right for use of the “BOSS-Referent: Public Administration” EDMS for an unlimited number of users.

The Government of Voronezh region acts as superior executive body of state power in the region and resolves all questions related to public administration. Public policy of Voronezh region involves close interaction with the population and presupposes significant internal work to enhance this interaction paying careful attention to the Government’s use of information and communications, and innovative technologies. The need to ease the process of connecting users to the system and to improve management efficiency, as well as a long lasting positive experience of EDMS usage led the Government of Voronezh region to the decision to purchase a general license for BOSS-Referent: Public Administration.

Cooperation of I.T. Co. and the Government started in spring 2003 when I.T. Co. won the tender to implement the electronic document system. As a result of assessment the choice was made in favor of a system, which recommended itself among different public authorities. During the pilot project, workstations of several Government divisions were automated, registration of electronic documents was tested, and reports on decision-making processes were developed. Later, additional functions to prepare and search documents, as well as to control their execution were added to the system. A printing module and barcode detection, a module for batch scanning of paper documents as well as module for searching documents were developed and implemented. The development of several components of the system allowed adoption of BOSS-Referent: Public Administration EDMS to the specific features of document processing used by the Government and made the system become unique due to its functionality. However, not all divisions were covered by a regionally distributed messaging system, thus the Government of Voronezh region decided to obtain a non-exclusive right for BOSS-Referent: Public Administration for an unlimited number of users.

By now, 465 users are connected to the system including employees from all divisions of the Government and executive authorities of the Voronezh region. The purchase of a general license for BOSS-Referent: Public Administration provides additional possibilities and benefits. First of all, when purchasing the right to operate the system, there is no need to spend time on procurement of additional licenses, whereas the time required for connection of users and system maintenance is greatly reduced. In addition, purchasing a general license allows connecting of an unlimited number of users, thus the Government has no obstacles to develop the system until all regional divisions will be fully covered.

“Generally speaking, the use of BOSS-Referent: Public Administration provided cost savings for the Government of the Voronezh region due to labor savings, whereas the purchase of a general license helped to significantly reduce expenses and to save money. Currently, every regional authority, which needs to automate a workplace, immediately receives this opportunity” Vladimir Alekseevich Mescheryakov, Head of IT Department in the Voronezh Region, said.

About the Government of the Voronezh region
The Government of the Voronezh region acts as superior executive body of state power in the region and resolves all questions related to public administration. Since 2006 there are 534 municipalities in the Voronezh region, including 3 urban and 31 municipal districts. Find more information on   

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