I.T. Co. Supplies Gazprom Healthcare Center with Two Efficient IT Tools


I.T. Co. Supplies Gazprom Healthcare Center with Two Efficient IT Tools
I.T. Co. implemented two IT projects for the Gazprom Polyclinic. The healthcare center was equipped with an automation system for inventory and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as a document management system. Currently, both systems are successfully operated by medical staff, which observes a significantly improved quality of service, faster decision-making, and reduction of time needed for document processing.

The Gazprom Polyclinic has been in operation since 1995 and strives to use the latest modern technologies. The healthcare center uses high-quality medical equipment, whereas its smoothly running operation primarily depends on maintenance staff. The scope of responsibilities performed by the maintenance staff includes monitoring and control of scheduled maintenance of medical equipment, as well as request registration and monitoring of unscheduled works. Prior to system implementation, the workflow was partially done manually and didn’t conform to standards of the healthcare center. Moreover, until recently the healthcare center used paper document management, which caused additional problems and impeded the decision-making process.

However, the general trends applied to automation of business processes forced the healthcare center to adopt modern IT solutions, which proved themselves with other enterprises.

To improve efficiency of control and inventory of medical equipment, the management of the healthcare center decided to implement a special system. With the use of this system it was planned to achieve greater data reliability on the state and availability of medical equipment, as well as to automate scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for operating equipment. The system should allow reduction of expenditures due to optimization of spare parts and consumables stored in a warehouse, as well as general process enhancement of centrally controlled inventory of medical devices and equipment.

I.T. Co. proposed to the customer its in-house developed system, which automates inventory, storage, search and data analysis on the state and availability of medical devices and equipment operated by different divisions of the healthcare center. The system monitors timely performance of warranty work, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of equipment and individual units, including spare parts replacement, purchase of consumables, and upgrades. In addition to the monitoring process the system also allows to obtain actual and reliable information on inventory, inflow and outflow of spare parts and consumables.

Another crucial task faced by the Gazprom Polyclinic and successfully solved by I.T. Co. was workflow automation.

As stated by the Contract, I.T. Co. had to deploy an electronic document management system taking into consideration the customer’s business specifics. Moreover, I.T. Co. had to smoothly integrate a long-standing workflow of the healthcare center with the new system. To deploy the electronic document management system I.T. Co. closely collaborated with representatives of the healthcare center.

BOSS-Referent, based on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, was chosen as the most appropriate solution for this project. The system was deployed at 50 workstations in two buildings of the healthcare center. ABBYY Recognition Server, integrated with BOSS-Referent electronic document management system, was used for stream scanning.

As a result of implementation, the customer achieved significant acceleration of document processing which, in turn, reduced the time needed for decision-making processes. Moreover, the management of the healthcare center was granted access to relevant information on internal state of affairs, results of addressed issues and performance potential of the staff.

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The Gazprom Polyclinic was established in 1995 and currently is a modern multi-field healthcare provider, equipped in accordance with international standards.
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