SCS Interactive Control Systems – a New Book in the I.T. Co.’s Library


SCS Interactive Control Systems – a New Book in the I.T. Co.’s Library
“SCS Interactive Control Systems”, the 6th book written by Andrey Semenov, a recognized expert in SCS and PhD in Technical Sciences, was release at the end of 2010.

The published monograph has no analogues in Russia or abroad. It was written to bridge the existing information gap related to interactive control systems. The interactive control technologies obtained a wide circulation with the development and maturing of Structured Cabling Systems, and consequently, as a result of strict requirements for information security, and the increase of cost of errors.

In a systemized and well–thought–out manner Mr. Semenov examines the principles of development of interactive control systems, hardware and software implementation peculiarities, functional capabilities, possible improvements and other important aspects. In his book Andrey Semenov refers to the existing regulatory framework, as well as traditions that were adopted by the industry and do not contradict existing standards.

Conventionally speaking, the book can be divided into three main parts. The first part has an informative character and provides basic information on SCS administrative principles. The second part deals with general principles of development of interactive control systems, possible system varieties, as well as specifics of development of some key functional models. And finally, the third part, which focuses more on practicing specialists, analysis several standard interactive control systems along with its peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses.

The book targets specialists who deal with interactive control systems, as well as engineers and technical personnel performing SCS developments and maintenance, and aims to expand professional horizons. Besides, the book will be equally useful for students who make studies at technical universities and skill improving professionals while writing course papers and passing midterm and final exams.

The book is published by I.T. Co. jointly with Eco-Trends, an information technology center, with a print run of 1500 copies.

About Andrey Semenov
Andrey (Borisovitch) Semenov has a PhD in Technical Sciences, is a chair of the Structured Cabling Systems department at the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, I.T. SCS Development Director at I.T. Co., and developer of I.T. SCS, Russia’s first structured cabling system. He wrote more than 150 scientific papers, including numerous monographs dedicated to various aspects of development and use of fiber channel systems and SCS.

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