I.T. Co. Issues Working Documentation for the EuroChem’s Affiliated Company


I.T. Co. Issues Working Documentation for the EuroChem’s Affiliated Company
I.T. Co. issued working documentation on information and engineering systems for LLC “Tuapse Bulk Terminal”, the EuroChem’s affiliated company. The project was estimated at 4 million rubles.

Currently, the project for Tuapse Bulk Terminal proceeds to completion. In view of success of previous infrastructure projects, EuroChem entrusted I.T. Co. with development of working documentation.

The main challenge for I.T. Co. was to develop a documentation, which fully complies with technical requirements of EuroChem.
I.T. Co. has successfully performed an assigned task and provided a customer with the working documentation by agreed deadline. The working documentation includes:
  • Low Current Structured Cabling System (SCS)
  • LAN Active Equipment
  • File Servers
  • Telephony based on PABX
  • Electric Clock System
  • Air Conditioning System for Server Rooms
  • Technical Communication System
  • Power Supply System
Additionally, a detailed working documentation relating to Power Supply System was developed and consists of three parts:
  • Cabling System for Dedicated Power Supply to Supply Information and Engineering Systems;
  • Cabling System for Public Power Supply to Supply Domestic Equipment;
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply System to Supply Information and Engineering Systems
In total, the working documentation issued by I.T. Co. consists of 32 volumes. As a result, Tuapse Bulk Terminal will obtain not only modern building constructions but also an efficient telecommunication and engineering infrastructure.

Aleksey Efanov, Head of I.T. Co.’s Cabling and Engineering IT Infrastructure Department said: “Thoroughly developed working documentation is one of the main components for a successful project, in other words, it’s basement. Only specialists who have practical experience and expertise can deal with such an important project. Therefore, we are especially pleased that EuroChem entrusted us with this part of the project, thus once again confirming the I.T. Co.’s high competence.

About LLC “Tuapse Bulk Terminal”
In 2003 EuroChem decided to build a specialized terminal to handle mineral fertilizers from railway vehicles to sea vessels in the port of Tuapse.
The construction of a terminal allowed EuroChem to achieve an anticipated, sustained stevedore profit, to reduce costs on shipment and transportation of own mineral fertilizers via seaports, and to gain independence in stevedore market, as well as create new jobs.

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