I.T. Co. Implements BOSS-Referent: Public Administration EDMS for the Federal Labor and Employment Service


I.T. Co. Implements BOSS-Referent: Public Administration EDMS for the Federal Labor and Employment Service
I.T. Co. completed the first phase of the development and implementation of a custom-designed solution based on BOSS-Referent: Public Administration for the central and regional offices of the Federal Labor and Employment Service (Rostrud). The implementation of EDMS results in automated workflow, allows information support and automation of administrative activities.

The Federal Labor and Employment Service is an executive body of the Russian Federation and reports to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development. Document support plays an important role in daily activities of Rostrud, being a key factor for providing prompt feedback to internal requests and inquires addressed by citizens. The management of the Federal Agency has always paid special attention to structured document management; therefore, the desire to modernize this process resulted in the decision to upgrade the EDMS.

In November 2009 I.T. Co. won a tender. At that time, Rostrud was operating a system based on IBM Lotus Notes that ceased to meet increased functional requirements. The system needed to be upgraded due to the increased number of documents and changed technological procedures of records management. Therefore, Rostrud decided to switch to a new EDMS with high performance functionality. The challenge for I.T. Co. specialists was to automate workflow processes of the Federal Agency. 

It was planned to design and implement a single thorough technology at the central office and regional branches of Rostrud to control execution of administrative documents, assure electronic records of their processing (in accordance with internal procedures), provide a possibility for electronic exchange of information, as well as to improve information security while transferring and storing documents. Besides, for convenient search of information it was planned to develop a single document repository and deploy electronic validation while reviewing and approving documents, thus, to increase significantly the efficiency of controlling functions of state labor inspections.

In accordance with the state contract, I.T. Co. developed for Rostrud a custom-designed EDMS based on BOSS-Referent: Public Administration. The new EDMS considered the specific processes of Rostrud: streamlining the document registration process and transfer from paper to electronic format. Interface with existing applications was achieved, allowing simultaneous scanning of large volumes of documents by attaching automated images of documents to EDMS registration cards.

“I want to emphasize that joint work with the IT team of Rostrud was intense and fruitful. Previously, data processing required twice as much time, presently, the situation has changed dramatically. While implementing the project, we tried to pay as much time as possible to all categories of users, thus, assuring maximum comfort while switching to a new EDMS”, Nikolay Pashkin, Executive Director of Enterprise Content Management Solutions Department at I.T. Co., said.

About Federal Labor and Employment Service
Federal Labor and Employment Service is a federal executive body that performs law enforcement functions in the sphere of labor, employment and alternative civil service, control and supervision functions of compliance with labor laws and other legal acts containing labor norms, employment and alternative civil service legislation norms, as well as functions to provide public services to promote employment and unemployment protection, labor migration, settlement of collective labor disputes. Find more information at    

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