I.T. Co. Deploys First Fully Automated Petrol Station in the Moscow Region


I.T. Co. Deploys First Fully Automated Petrol Station in the Moscow Region
I.T. Co. developed a management system to provide unmanned control of petrol stations as part of its IT-Oil integrated industrial solution. The Volgaresurs Group of Companies launched in test mode the first unmanned petrol station in the Moscow region.

The Volgaresurs Group of Companies is involved with, a unique for the Moscow region, innovative project that aims at construction of GT OIL automated mini petrol stations (mini unmanned automated petrol stations, which are also referred to as “cold” petrol stations). These stations fuel cars without attendant assistance or in conditions of complete personnel absence. At the end of 2010 the first mini automated petrol station was launched in test mode in Serpukhov (Moscow region). The Volgaresurs Group of Companies became the first operator of automated petrol stations in the Moscow region and obtained an innovative, technological and flexible solution I.T.-Oil to manage their network of unmanned and general petrol stations.

When choosing an automation provider, the Volgaresurs Group of Companies considered market leaders and made its choice on I.T. Co., since it proposed the most technological, and, what is more important, integrated solution if compared to other offers. I.T.–Oil industrial solution, which has been successfully operated at general petrol stations owned by the customer since 2009, was chosen for automation purposes. Additionally, I.T. Co. developed and implemented a module for a unified dispatch center to control and monitor the automated petrol station network that became a part of the I.T.–Oil solution. This module has no analogues in Russia. It provides remote online control of automated petrol stations from the dispatch center, performance control and safety of petrol stations, as well as management of service operations.

The dispatcher remotely manages petrol station pumps and video surveillance, as well as power supplies, petrol deliveries, etc. An automated petrol station operates in automated mode but under control of a dispatcher who can always intervene in the process in case of emergency. It is worth mentioning that automated petrol station sells petrol for cash, accepts fuel cards, international bankcards, as well as Sberbank Processing Center. A mini automated petrol station occupies 150 m2, which is 3 to 4 times less than traditional petrol stations.

Yury Borisovich Fedorov, CEO at LLC Volgaresurs, commented: “In Europe unmanned petrol stations have been successfully operated for a long time. The use of modern technologies provides opportunity to allocate minimum space for a mini automated petrol station that significantly reduces personnel, energy consumption and negative environmental impact. The cost reduction allows decreased petrol prices. Our clients appreciate the new service – it is possible to fuel easy and fast. We are constructing a few more mini automated petrol stations and expect a prompt ROI”.

The project initiated by the Volgaresurs Group of Companies to deploy unmanned mini automated petrol stations is supported by Business Russia, a noncommercial association, United Russia with its projects National Innovative System and Professionals Pool – Professional Team of the Country, Moscow inter regional oil association, Administration of Serpukhov and Research and Development Institute for transport and road facilities.

About the Volgaresurs Group of Companies
LLC Volgaresurs operates in the oil market for more than 15 years. It has its own trademark – GT OIL. The Group of Companies owns GT OIL petrol station network located in the Moscow region with a bulk plant in Serpukhov. The company releases motor oil under GT OIL trademark that is produced in South Korea and Germany and sold in Russia and the CIS. Find more information at   

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