I.T. Co. Automated Workflow at Solikamskbumprom


I.T. Co. Automated Workflow at Solikamskbumprom
I.T. Co. implemented the electronic document management system (EDMS) at Solikanskbumprom. The implementation resulted in streamlined business processes, associated with document workflow, as well as accelerated interaction between company departments. Currently, the EDMS has more than 70 users.

JSC Solikamskbumprom is one of the largest and stable enterprises involved in paper production, which has a long history and rich traditions. In its commitment to comply with market requirements, JSC Solikamskbumprom is actively developing and it applies not only to production, but also to management and IT implementations. In 2008 the management of Solikamskbumprom decided on the EDMS implementation to automate and streamline processes related to the processing of document flows.

Before the project implementation, the company was utilizing only paper workflow without the use of special software. While choosing an electronic document management system, the representatives of the company collected all possible information on similar systems and visited neighboring companies of the Perm region, which had already implemented EDMS, with the intent to see systems in action and evaluate implementation benefits. As a result, the ECM class BOSS-Referent system was selected because it highly recommended itself at the Silvinit factory. The main purpose of the system was to automate registration and processing of inbound and outbound correspondence, processing of orders, and follow-up of decision-making processes.

The analytical assessment conducted by I.T. Co. specialists revealed existing problems in the workflow of the company. For various reasons, existing business processes had a range of unique peculiarities, which were considered during the implementation. I.T. Co. proposed to the management of the factory ways to streamline interaction between workflow participants, which were approved and considered as the basis during the project implementation. The implementation resulted in accelerated processing of internal administrative documentation and approval of memorandums.

For instance, the circulation of orders related to the main business activities and HR orders intended for review was accelerated. Previously, there was a need to make hard copies of orders and deliver them by car to company departments. Currently, documents are sent for review within 10 minutes after their registration and there is an opportunity to track the review status in the EDMS.

Solikamskbumprom is actively using mechanisms of decision-making control applicable to decisions of the CEO of the company. Based on decisions of the CEO, orders are formed and sent for execution, whereas the representative person monitors the execution status. The EDMS allows tracking timely execution of orders, as well as preparation of reports intended for the CEO on the results of executed orders.

The implementation of the EDMS based on the BOSS-Referent ECM system carried out by I.T. Co. was launched in June 2010 and in the autumn of 2010 the system passed operation testing. Presently, the system has over 70 users.

“We estimated operation benefits of the system already during the test period. Currently, the working documentation easily passes through all required processing stages that allow us to be more flexible with our customers. The communication speed between the departments was increased: promptly supplying them with all organizational and administrative documentation”, Elena Vedernikova, Head of the Administration and Records Keeping at JSC Solikamskbumprom, briefed on project results.

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JSC Solikamskbumprom produces the high quality newsprint. Production of JSC Solikamskbumprom is demanded by leading Russian and global publishing houses. The company has modern facilities for production of the newsprint, which include the entire production cycle: timber cutting, receipt and processing of timber, production of semi-finished products, paper production, packaging and shipment. Find more information at    

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