SITRONICS and I.T.Co Implement BOSS-Referent at Bashneft


SITRONICS and I.T.Co Implement BOSS-Referent at Bashneft
«JSC SITRONICS» (LSE:SITR) and I.T.Co announce the completion of BOSS-Referent ECM system implementation project at JSC ANK «Bashneft». By now about 3000 employees use the system and the quantity of users will double in the future.

The decision to implement BOSS-Referent system was made in 2009 after JSFC SISTEMA purchased a controlling interest of JSC ANK «Bashneft». New administration was faced with the problem of making the holding’s management more distinct, efficient and transparent. Migration to electronic document management system (EDMS) became an important step in this concept. JSC «SITRONICS Bashkortostan» became the prime contractor of this project. I.T.Co was invited to automate workflow in various divisions of customer. 

Pilot implementation of EDMS on the basis of BOSS-Referent software system for 500 work stations was realized at the end of 2009. As a result of this project the customer made a decision to replicate the system into all subsidiaries. Relevant works began in the spring of 2010. As a result another 2500 users were involved into the system.

During the project «SITRONICS Bashkortostan» and I.T.Co undertook an analytical study of business-processes in JSC ANK «Bashneft» and according to the results adjusted the BOSS-Referent system to the company’s requirements. It helped to build efficient cooperation of companies within the holding, to organize reciprocation and conformation of documents, and to provide instructions execution control. Further, a backup feature was configured and a mechanism to load reference data from corporate systems was implemented.

While implementing EDMS some special solutions were realized. For example, user’s work with the system is organized through the web. Unified hardware system was created to optimize expenses on head-end equipment development and support. It includes managing company document management server and virtual servers of 6 subsidiaries and 6 oil-and-gas production departments of JSC ANK «Bashneft», developed by means of VMware virtual environment. The decision to purchase a BOSS-Referent general license helped the management to reduce costs further. This type of license provides transfer of non-exclusive rights of software usage for all users in the holding. Today the system is brought into commercial operations, with about 3000 users and their quantity continues to grow. Technical support of the JSC ANK «Bashneft» EDMS is provided by «SITRONICS Bashkortostan».

Implementation of EDMS in «Bashneft» company resulted in reduction of document coordination terms, raising of administrative discipline, management transparency and increasing document flows unification.

JCS «SITRONICS» (LSE: SITR) is one of the leading high-tech companies in Eastern Europe operating in the field of telecommunications solutions, information technologies, system integration and consulting, and the development and manufacture of microelectronics products. SITRONICS works with more than 3,500 customers.
SITRONICS works with more than 3,500 customers. The Company has offices and subsidiaries in 30 countries exporting to more than 62 countries worldwide. The Company currently employs about 8000 staff. The main «SITRONICS» enterprises are situated in the following regions: Prague (Czech Republic) and Athens (Greece) – Telecom solutions, Kiev (Ukraine) – Information technologies, Zelenograd, Moscow (Russia) – Microelectronic solutions. Additional information on the website   

About JSC ANK «Bashneft»
JSC ANK «Bashneft» is the parent enterprise of Bashkir fuel and energy complex group that is one of Top-10 Russian oil production companies and one of Top-5 Russian oil refining companies. Products of JSC ANK «Bashneft» are realized in Russian Federation and also exported to the countries of Western Europe, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. «Bashneft» company is a participant of Inter-Regional Oil and Gas Complex Exchange and Saint-Petersburg International Commodity Exchange. The amount of employees of the group of enterprises is about 22 thousand people. The main company’s shareholder is JCS AFK «Sistema». Additional information on the website   

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