I.T. Co. connected 9 plants of Kuban HPP to enterprise network of RusHydro


I.T. Co. connected 9 plants of Kuban HPP to enterprise network of RusHydro
I.T. Co. brought to an end the project on establishment of engineering and IT-infrastructure at 9 plants of Kuban series of HPP RusHydro OJSC. It was the first project on connection of lower level plants to the common enterprise network of the holding. As a result, the comprehensive solution, facilitating communications between divisions and providing for efficient centralized control over IT-infrastructure of the holding’s objects at all levels, has been established.

RusHydro OJSC is expanding its enterprise data network, which unites the front office and more than 20 branches. Arrangement of centralized control over IT-infrastructure of all RusHydro objects is carried out in consecutive order: from the front office to branches, major HPP and series of HPP, located in branches’ responsibility area. Connection of 9 plants of the Kuban series of HPP to the enterprise network for the purpose of these object management from the front office became the first project on connection of distant HPP, composing the branches network.

Following the contest result, RusHydro OJSC has entrusted this project implementation I.T. Co. as reliable partner for establishment of IT-infrastructure. Enterprise data network of RusHydro was established in 2006-2008; now it is successfully operating with new services and function being added.

The project at the Kuban series of HPP commenced in the middle of 2009. To date, I.T. Co. has established almost from scratch the comprehensive infrastructure, including the following sub-systems:
  • structured cabling system I.T.-SCS
  • cabling system of detached power supply
  • local area network based on Cisco active equipment
  • information protection system
  • WiFi wireless access points
  • Project complexity consisted in large objects' deconcentration and remoteness of up to 100 km of hydroelectric power plants from branches in the city of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory. It was necessary to cover the open distribution devices with wireless access network for the purpose of equipment condition operational control by means of mobile technologies. Professionals of I.T. Co. made numerous measurements on the vast territory in order to make the optimal decision.
In total, I.T. Co. united with the common enterprise data network more than 400 workplaces of the Kuban series of HPP employees, installed more than 630 SCS ports and laid about 5 km of optical cable for interplant communication.

As a result of project implementation, the front office and regional branch of RusHydro obtained the management tool for IT infrastructure of distant plants. Interaction between all energy holding divisions have been improved. All the 9 Kuban HPP reached the whole new level of enterprise information handling: now the common IT-resources are available for employees.

Following the results of pilot project implementation the decision on technologies replication was made – the similar infrastructure will be established for the major branch plants on the North Caucasus.

Harald Bandurin, Director of RusHydro OJSC information technologies, has commented the project results: “Connection of distant plants of the Kuban series of HPP to the existing enterprise data network is the logical step of development of the common holding information structure and centralized control over generating objects in regions. Hydroelectric power plant employees have appreciated in practice the new capabilities of work in the common information environment”.

About RusHydro OJSC
RusHydro OJSC is the largest Russian generating company with installed capacity of 26.1 GWt. RusHydro OJSC is the leader in energy production on the basis of renewable sources, developing energy generation from water streams, tides, wind and geothermal energy. RusHydro branch – the Kuban series of HPP has a length of 235 km and includes 9 hydroelectric power plants, located on the Stavropol Territory and Karachay-Cherkess Republic. More information on the holding is available on the web-site   

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