I.T. Co. established common IT-infrastructure for the Razgulay Group


I.T. Co. established common IT-infrastructure for the Razgulay Group
I.T. Co. has completed the project in Razgulay Group on establishment of IT-infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies. For the purpose of efficient interaction between all agricultural holding’ companies the common information space has been arranged. Project implementation resulted in increased manageability and security of agricultural holding IT-infrastructure, as well as lower total cost of ownership.

Razgulay Group specializes in the sphere of production, processing and sale of agricultural products and operates in 18 constituents of the Russian Federation. It is quite difficult to develop under conditions of strong competitiveness and to automatize management processes with such territorial structure of agricultural holding assets. That is why the Group management decided on establishment of modern standardized infrastructure, capable to meet at most the current and future demands.

The choice of software platform was predetermined, as the existing infrastructure of the Razgulay Group corporate centre was already based on Microsoft technologies. In order to select the Executor, agroholding held a content, which was attended by several major Microsoft partners. Razgulay Group entrusted I.T. Co. the project implementation following the aggregate of estimated parameters.

I.T. Co. engineers together with Razgulay Group IT-professionals created the core of common IT-infrastructure based on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Common directory service was based on hierarchical approach and provides centralized control over infrastructure of Razgulay Group disbursed companies. The second project stage was the introduction of e-mail system Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. It provided agroholding employees with reliable service of messages exchange and team-work, including task formulation, meetings assignment, use of calendars and common list of addresses. IT-infrastructure provided the possibility of its modification at changes in agricultural holding business. Razgulay will be able to change a composition of structural divisions and add new services, in particular, develop possibilities of employees’ team-work. Today Razgulay Group is the largest Russian agricultural holding, managed to establish a modern infrastructure for introduction of ERP-system.

Following the project results, Alexander Krasnov, deputy general director of Razulay Group information technologies, marked: “Created infrastructure became the foundation for introduction of ERP-system and other modern IT-solutions. Common information space will significantly simplify communication between employees. Introduced rights management system for access to the data (AD RMS) will provide a secure exchange of confidential information by e-mail, its storage on a networked drives, without fear of unauthorized access, and unification of workplaces will optimize the operation of IT-management Group by 20 percent. All of this will allow increasing manageability, security and fault-tolerance of IT-infrastructure in whole”.

About Razgulay Group
Razgulay Group is the largest national agricultural holding, consolidating three industry-specific lines: sugar, agricultural and grain, as well as division for interaction with retail chains. The holding includes 12 elevators, 7 flour-milling plants, 3 cereals plants, 10 sugar plants and milk canning plant. More than 460 thousand ha of land, including 338 thousand ha under tillage in 2011, are under the holding control. Agroholding operates in 18 constituents of the Russian Federation, including the North-West and Central Chernozem regions of Russia, the Upper and Middle Volga region, the Northern Caucasus, Southern Urals and Western Siberia. More information is available on web-site   

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