I.T. Co. introduced compact mobile DPC for geographically dispersed companies


I.T. Co. introduced compact mobile DPC for geographically dispersed companies
On June 28, 2011 I.T. Co. held a seminar “Effective solutions for establishment of data processing centers in geographically dispersed companies”. The compact mobile data processing center, allowing optimizing costs for establishment and operation of data centers through the introduction of unified solutions, was introduced to the event participants.

I.T. Co., with offices in nearly 20 major Russian cities, understands the technical needs of companies with dispersed structure. The main objectives of companies, managing tens and hundreds of regional offices and branches, are connected with optimization of significant capital investments, correct calculation of payback periods, need for return on investment and reduction of total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure.

Opening the seminar, Andrew Sinyachenko, the technical director of IT infrastructure solutions department of the Company, outlined the key trends of the modern DPCs development – achievement of power efficiency, increase of manageability, transition to cloud computing, standardization of solutions, as well as reducing time to DPCs deployment.

The most common problems that may arise during the operation and development of distributed IT infrastructure were also considered during the seminar. Among them are the lack of space for telecommunications cabinets and small DPCs, unauthorized access to equipment, inefficient cooling of telecommunications and server equipment, and lack of monitoring over the basic infrastructure parameters of remotely standing cabinets. All these factors can lead to faults during information operation, failure to respond promptly to incidents and even to breakdown of enterprise system of data communication and computing systems.

Accumulated technological expertise of I.T. Co., engineering practices and competencies on creation of modern DPCs allowed providing the market with mobile data center as a base for rapid deployment of corporate computing systems.

The range of compact mobile DPCs (Compact Data Center) consists of three solutions:

  • CDC Mini – a compact solution based on a single cabinet, height from 24 U to 47 U and depth of 800-1,000 mm. To maintain the normal functioning of the active equipment CDC Mini is completed with control system of cabinet microclimate, monitoring system, UPS, power distribution system, cabinet fire-extinguishing system.
  • CDC Midi – unified mini-DPC consisting of four server cabinets with height of 42 U and depth of 1,200 mm. Auxiliaries systems are allocated in one cabinet, Customer’s active equipment – in three cabinets. The solution includes intra-rack cooling system and fire extinguishing system, monitoring system, UPS, power distribution system with capability of remote power management.
  • CDC Maxi – mobile containerized DPC with length from 6 to 12 meters, including a system of roll-out server racks 40 U (from 4 to 12 pieces), a system of air conditioners, power entry and distribution system, UPS, auxiliary system, security and fire alarms, automatic fire extinguishing system, SCS complex, system of remote monitoring over DPC parameters, as well as diesel generating set for packaging with DGS.
Each of the three proposed solutions is protected against external influences: dust, dirt, moisture, temperature drops. Mobile DPC will allow the Customer to avoid the need to allocate dedicated premises and expenses for its preparation for the deployment of active equipment.

The seminar enabled interested customers and I.T. Co. professionals to discuss the possibilities of cost-effective DPCs establishment with a high degree of protection, modularity, mobility and versatility of the solution.

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