I.T. Co. developed AMCS for BelZAN


I.T. Co. developed AMCS for BelZAN
I.T. Co. has completed a project on creating a system of access monitoring and control (AMCS) at Avtonormal’ Belebeevsky Plant OJSC. Deployed solution made it possible to improve safety and level of labor discipline of more than 5,000 plant employees. Project cost amounted more than 10 million rubles.

Avtonormal Belebeevsky Plant produces fixings and springs for automotive industry. BelZAN products consumers include almost all domestic autoproducers: AutoVAZ, KamAZ, UAZ, GAZ, GM-AutoVAZ, AMO, ZIL, IZH-Auto.

The need to create AMCS brewed long ago. The fact is that the paper passes were not only obsolescent, but also created certain inconveniences: for example, queue often arose in “rush hours” due to the low passing capacity.

BelZAN approached the selection of suitable solution in a responsible manner. Since the plant passage is the “business card” of the enterprise, much attention was paid to equipment of the central passage. During selection of turnstile not only the quality and reliability, but also their appearance and usability, were estimated.
In total I.T. Co. employees installed 6 turnstiles of Belgian company Automatic Systems on the central passage and on the passage to the plant management building. Metal detectors frames were installed in order to prevent frauds. Instead of paper passes contactless plastic cards were introduced, with the use of them the daily performance record of employees and time-keeping record was arranged. Created AMCS was integrated with salary accounting system. I.T. Co. also arranged video surveillance on the central passage.

Accounting system of plant workers having premiums of free meals was introduced on the basis of AMCS with the use of contactless cards. To date more than 5,000 employees of engineering enterprise are registered in the access monitoring and control system.

Introduction of AMCS on the central passage and in the plant management building was the first step towards creation of full-scale system of access monitoring and control across the enterprise, – marked Svetlana Skvortsova, Director of economy and finance of BelZAN. – Project results are obvious even now, and they are exclusively positive. Because of the start of use of AMCS we managed to provide a high level of safety, improve labor discipline, as well as make the daily performance record of employees and time-keeping record more simple, efficient and reliable.

Avtonormal Belebeevsky Plant OJSC (BelZAN OJSC is a Russian leading enterprise in production of high quality fixings by the use of cold pressing technology. The enterprise is 40 years old. Production capacity of the plant is more than 60 thousand tons per year. The number of employees is about 6,000 men. The products range constitutes more than 3,500 standard sizes and detail names and 46,000 items of home-made production tooling. Main consumers of the plant products inclide almost all domestic autoproducers: AutoVAZ, KamAZ, UAZ, GM-AutoVAZ, IZH-Auto. More information is available on web-site  

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