I.T. Co. equipped conference hall of Rosstat with multimedia system


I.T. Co. equipped conference hall of Rosstat with multimedia system On the occasion of the 200th anniversary, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) held a theoretical and practical conference in the new conference hall furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. The project on creation of multimedia system in conference hall was conducted by I.T. Co.

At the end of June, 2011 Rosstat celebrated 200-th anniversary of the state statistical service establishment in Russia. For the purpose of anniversary celebration the conference hall of Rosstat central administrative office, were collegiums meetings and extended sessions of state statistics employees are regularly held, was modernized. Participants of the jubilee conference “Russia's state statistics and challenges of the XXI century” were able to appreciate the technological advantages of the new conference hall.

Modernization project, implemented by I.T. Co., contemplated creation of comfortable conditions for conduction of large attendance events. IT professionals furnished with multimedia equipment presidium area, speaker area, audience and technical support areas. Created system allows Rosstat employees to work with various audio and visual information, is convenient in service for users with different levels of training, and blends with the hall design.

Multimedia system included all the facilities necessary for team-work:
  • Information imaging system based on the large Euroscreen with the total area of almost 37 sq. meters (7 x 5.25 m) and powerful projector Barco with distant-focused lens, with light flux of 21,000 ANSI lumens as well as LCD monitors as a duplicating display facility
  • Sound reinforcement system composed of amplified speakers Bag End and wireless microphones Clockaudio
  • Digital audio platform Ateis for mixing, processing and transfer of audio signals
  • Extron switching system of signal sources
  • Televic congress-system with synchronous translation feature
  • Integrated management system based on the Creston technology
I.T. Co. professionals developed a flexible scenarios of presentation materials display on screen and monitors of presidium delegates in the mode of meetings and conferences. Due to this the possibility of convenient output of information to display facilities from the speaker's stand, presidium table and operator’s workplace was implemented. By means of elaborate system of audio signals distribution and reinforcement, the quality sound processing and playback was ensured, particularly effective suppression of backward sound communication and reverberation was achieved. Operator, carrying-out events support, can easily manage all the elements of multimedia system as integrated system with the use of touch panel.

“With the advanced technological facilities, installed in the conference hall, representatives of the central office can easily handle image data on the statistics from the various angles, hear reports in expanded format as well as hold discussions and make decisions in comfort conditions, – mentioned Mikhail V. Burdakov, Head of the Information Resources and Technologies Department of the Federal State Statistics Service. During the project implementation, professionals of I.T. Co. took into account all the nuances of team-work in such hall up to the foldback of front rows and arrangement of sound distribution points for journalists”.

About Federal State Statistics Service
Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) is dealing with meeting the demand of regulatory and administrative authorities, mass media, population, scientific community, commercial companies and entrepreneurs, international organization in various, objective and complete statistical information. The system of state statistics, including the central office at the federal level and territorial agencies of Rosstat located in all constituents of the Russian Federation, – it amounts more than 23 thousand employees, is operating to cope with this problem. More information is available on web-site  

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