UniCloud – New "Cloud" Company within I.T. Group


UniCloud – New "Cloud" Company within I.T. Group
UniCloud Company (I.T. Group) announces that it begins providing cloud application access services. For the moment, the UniCloud's portfolio comprises solutions of two world-known companies Google and Microsoft that have already become popular in the Russian market.

UniCloud Company (ZAO UniCloud) was set up within I.T. Group in 2011 as provider of advanced cloud services to small and medium enterprises. Dmitry Torshin is Director General of UniCloud Company.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Google Apps for Business have become the first services offered by UniCloud Company. This choice of applications is not random. Google with its pay version of Google Apps services (mail in the company's domain, collaborative tools of the company) and Microsoft with its no less famous product Microsoft Hosted Exchange are trendsetters in the industry of software products for corporate communication between employees.

"For the start of the new business line, we have chosen the most high-class and reliable services necessary for every company, – noted Dmitry Torshin. However, it's only the first serious step in the development of IT cloud services provision. We do not set the goal to create a large catalogue of services which would make it difficult to find actually working cloud systems. Our clients can be confident that they get the best choosing our services".

Cloud services for small and medium enterprises (SME) are an effective instrument for cost saving and flexibility improvement. Small and medium enterprises get the opportunity to use advanced technologies at the minimum price without any concern about buying their own servers, reliability and accessibility of their data.

In addition to the start of Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Hosted Exchange sales, UniCloud Company announces the opportunity to get presents upon buying these services through web portal www.uni-cloud.ru.

About UniCloud
UniCloud Company (ZAO UniCloud) is an innovative project launched by I.T. Group in 2010 in order to create unique offers for the market within the cloud services model which is gaining popularity.
The company's main areas of business are: provision of cloud services to the small and medium business market; management of integration projects in the private cloud systems development.

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