ABBYY and I.T. Solutions are Implemented in Tele2 Branches Throughout Russia


ABBYY and I.T. Solutions are Implemented in Tele2 Branches Throughout Russia
ABBYY Recognition Server and "BOSS-Referent.bpm: financial document management" are used in the new electronic document management system in 40 Tele2 divisions.

ABBYY Company, a leading world software developer and service provider in the sphere of linguistics, document recognition and data input, and I.T. Co. announce the implementation of electronic document storage and management system "BOSS-Referent.bpm: financial document management" in the Russian representative office of the European mobile operator Tele2.

Within the framework of the project, the solution consisting of system "BOSS-Referent.bpm: financial document management" developed on IBM FileNet platform by I.T. Group and the software product for document input and processing automation ABBYY Recognition Server was implemented in over 40 Tele2 divisions in 37 Russian regions. Such solution best met the customer's requirements owing to the optimum ratio of technical capabilities, quality and price.

The principal objective of the electronic document storage and management system is integration of all regional offices of the operator in the single information management space for automation of document preparation and coordination processes. The use of ABBYY Recognition Server in this system enables to ensure an efficient stream input and recognition of documents. As a result, the current volume of processed documents amounts to 700 thousand pages per month. Next year this figure should be increased more than twice.

Within the framework of the project, ABBYY Recognition Server ensures document input and processing automation in the customer, legal and financial services of the mobile operator. The customer service uses the solution for automation of the input of registration forms and other documents filled in by customers. By means of the ABBYY solution, legal divisions of Tele2 Russia process third parties' requests, and the financial department organizes input of incoming delivery bills, statements, invoices, etc. Recognized data are exported in integrated information system "BOSS-Referent.bpm: financial document management" based on IBM FileNet platform.

On the whole, the electronic document management system in combination with ABBYY Recognition Server enabled Tele2 to reduce the company's expenses. That became possible as a result of increase in the working efficiency of employees engaged in business processes with a large document volume, and reduction of expenses on consumables. After the solution implementation, the data stream speed increased, and the interaction between the company's divisions, suppliers and customers became more efficient.

"The business model of Tele2 requires continuous improvement of management processes. And the document workflow is of primary importance. We opened the CSC (Common Service Center) – integrated financial center for all regions, – comments Inessa Galaktionova, Commercial Director of Tele2 Russia Company. New solutions will speed and improve the document management both within the company and in the relationship with external suppliers and contractors. We are especially pleased that it was the Russian software which made it possible to take the company's document management processes to a breakthrough level".

About Tele2
Tele2 is a leading alternative telecommunication company in Europe. Today, Tele2 has more than 31 million of customers in 11 countries and provides the services of mobile and fixed line telephony, broadband Internet access, and cable TV. Being a mobile discounter, Tele2 is constantly striving to offer the lowest prices in the market. Along with that, low prices combine with good quality of services and high-class customer care.
In Russia, the company has been operating since 2003 and today serves over 20 million customers in 37 Russian regions. The product portfolio of Tele2 Russia includes offers both for individuals and for small and medium enterprises. Tele2 Russia guarantees low prices and high-quality services, easy connection and use, and the European service level to private and corporate clients.
More information is available on web-sites: www.tele2.com и www.tele2.ru

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