Siberia Increases I.T.-Oil Popularity


Siberia Increases I.T.-Oil Popularity
Company I.T. Smart Systems within I.T. Group completed the project for implementation of I.T.-Oil Company's oil product sales automation system at the 21st petrol station in Novokuznetsk. In the course of the project, the unmanned petrol station was started up and became the first fully automated petrol station in the city and generally in the Kuznetsk Basin.

Parent company INRUSINVEST, a large development company working in the real estate market of the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk Regions, as also of the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic, was the customer of the project. One of its business lines is management of the petrol station network located in Novokuznetsk and the nearby regions.

The information systems that were recently used in the sales network ceased to meet the growing needs of the business, and the top management of INRUSINVEST faced a challenging task: to find a new modern tool for oil sales automation. Based on the results of analysis of the solutions available in the market and assessment of their advantages, the parent company chose the I.T.-Oil system and entrusted specialists of I.T. Smart Systems with its pilot implementation in the head office and at two specially designated petrol stations.

The testing carried out within one month convinced the customer of the correctness of its choice. At the request of INRUSINVEST, specialists of I.T. Smart Systems implemented a number of new features greatly improving the default configuration of the industry solution, which became an additional argument. In particular, support of a new specialized model of a fuel dispenser was added, and the software analytical module was upgraded with new types of reporting complying with all work features of INRUSINVEST employees. As a result, the customer decided to switch over all its petrol stations to the I.T.-Oil system.

A modern petrol station is much more than a set of fuel dispensers. Thus, a large outdoor-type store is part of all petrol stations operated by parent company INRUSINVEST. In order to increase the sales volume and attract new customers, the loyalty program was developed, within the framework of which two thousand contactless client smart cards were issued.

Roman A. Govor, Director General of Parent Company INRUSINVEST, highly appreciated the project's results: "Struggling for customers, petrol stations should offer the maximum range of services, and this is not possible today without state-of-the-art information systems. Cooperation with company I.T. Smart Systems enabled us to obtain a solution which fully complies with our requirements and takes the customer service to a breakthrough level".

The project for automation of the unmanned petrol station in Novokuznetsk became a new stage in cooperation between INRUSINVEST and I.T. Smart Systems. The station was started up on September 16, and became the first fully automated ("cold") petrol station in the Kuznetsk Basin (the Kemerovo Region).

About Parent Company INRUSINVEST
Parent Company INRUSINVEST is a large development company working in the real estate market of the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk Regions, as also of the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic. The company has a vast experience in the implementation of investment projects in the building sector, and has proved to be a reliable partner. Today, the company's portfolio includes over 50 real estate units and 7 projects in the Kemerovo Region, Novosibirsk, the Altai Territory, and the Altai Republic. Oil product sales through the oil depot network is one of the company's business areas.

About I.T. Smart Systems
Company I.T. Smart Systems was founded as a result of reorganization of the I.T. Co. Fuel and Smart Systems Department as a separate legal entity, and is its rightful successor. The company is engaged in the development and implementation of intelligent solutions designed for centralized and effective control of oil product sales (I.T.-Oil), creation of automatic identification systems (I.T.-I), integration of payment systems based on smart card (I.T.-Card).
The solutions offered by the company boast broad functionality, implementation flexibility, easy use and strictly comply with the customer's needs and business processes. Over 120 projects were implemented since 1993. More information about the I.T.-Oil's solution  

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