Maria Kamennova joins I.T. Co. top management team


Maria Kamennova joins I.T. Co. top management team I.T. Group has announced the appointment of Maria Kamennova as General Director of “I.T. Information Management” and “BOSS-Referent”. This appointment is aimed at strengthening the parts of the business providing solutions in the area of business process management and enterprise content management (BPM&ECM), which is one of the fastest growing areas of the Group's business. Maria Kamennova became a member of the board of directors of I.T. Group.

Maria Kamennova has extensive experience in executive positions in Russian and foreign IT companies. For the last few years, she has occupied the position of General Director of Software AG & IDS Scheer Russia and CIS countries, and before that she was the General Director for IDS Scheer Russia, “Business Logics”, “Vest-MetaTechnology", and “MetaTechnology”. Maria Kamennova is justly considered to be the pioneer of process-oriented management in Russia.

“The consolidation of the management of “I.T. Information Management” and “BOSS-Referent” in the hands of an experienced manager such as Maria Kamennova will ensure clearer coordination of efforts to develop and introduce new products and solutions in the field of BPM&ECM, and will undoubtedly increase efficiency and make development of this area as a whole more dynamic”, said Chairman of the Board of Directors of I.T. Group Tagir Yapparov.

“I have known I.T. Co. for a long time, this company has always strived to be ahead of the market, to develop new technologies and business directions", noted Maria Kamennova. “I see that the BPM&ECM market in Russia is reaching a new level of development; that is why the idea of becoming a member of I.T. Co. seemed interesting and promising to me. My top-priority task is to restructure and to update the direction of BPM&ECM, to launch innovative solutions, both Russian, and those of the world leaders in the IT industry, onto Russian market. I’m sure that our new team is capable of occupying the leading positions in this market.”

The implementation and consulting company “I.T. Information management” was established in spring 2011. It carries out implementation of projects to create document and non-structured information management systems, as well as providing a wide range of consulting services. “BOSS-Referent” holds the rights to one of the most successful ECM systems brandson the Russian market – BOSS-Referent. The company is in charge of product production and development, and supports partners and users of the system.

The former General Director of “I.T. Information Management” company, Georgiy Podbutskiy, became the Maria Kamennova's first deputy. Andrey Grib, who has headed "BOSS-Referent" from the time of its foundation, is now advisor to Tagir Yapparov.

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