I.T. Smart Systems company automates property accounting in the head office of SUEK


I.T. Smart Systems company automates property accounting in the head office of SUEK
“I.T. Smart Systems", a member of I.T. Group, has implemented an RFID-based automated system of current property accounting, “I.T.-AI”, in the head office of the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK). The new software and hardware solution was closely integrated with the customer’s corporate management system, built on the SAP R/3 platform.

SUEK is Russia's biggest fuel and energy company. The company’s current management and accounting activity is performed in the corporate information system (CIS) SAP R/3. To ensure internal accounting information was kept up-to-date, all data related to the organization's property had to be stored in one CIS.

Before the beginning of the project, the corporate management system contained only a list of accounting entities, and an employee responsible for finance worked with an Excel file containing a list of the property and specifying the location of all accounting entities. The two databases were not connected to each other, and neither of them reflected the current situation. Errors therefore often occurred due to realignment.

SUEK management decided to bring order to their property accounting and automate all processes related to it. "I.T. Smart Systems" became the partner in the project's implementation. The main selection criteria were: availability of a quality solution for property current accounting and inventory – the time-proven “I.T.-AI” system with wide functionality - as well as extensive experience of successfully implementing this system, including integration with SAP R/3. In terms of automatic identification technology, the customer preferred RFID, as currently it provides the best combination of quality and reliability.

The implementation of the automated property control and inventory system took four months. First of all, IT equipment was accounted for, requiring 2,500 RFID-tags. “I.T. Smart Systems” specialists installed all the required equipment, customized “I.T.-AI” software by integrating it with the existing CIS, and trained SUEK employees to work with the new system.

“I.T. Smart Systems” was able to offer us the service and the solution at a level which completely met our requirements”, noted Elvina Askarova, Head of IT Operational Efficiency Projects, SUEK. “As a result, we can solve the problems in the area of property accounting. We will be able to put everything in order, and we will have a realistic view of the situation. Commodities and inventories accounting will become automated, efficient and transparent”.

Discussing the project, Aleksandr Fedin, General Director of “I.T. Smart Systems” emphasized: “We are glad that our solution is relevant and necessary for large companies such as SUEK. It was interesting for us to work on such a project, as it required integrating our solution with such a “complex” application as SAP, and implementing the RFID-based advanced system of automatic identification. Now we can say with confidence that while some companies are just trying to find their place in this market, “I.T. Smart Systems” already has positive experience in dozens of successful completed projects, including for “Gazprom Neft”, the regional network of a large Russian bank, RusHydro, the social network "Vkontakte" and many others."

The project implemented in SUEK's head office is a pilot one. Currently, the question of replicating the system for the rest of the company's offices is under consideration.

Open Joint Stock Company (OAO) “Siberian Coal Energy Company” (SUEK) is Russia's largest coal company. Established in 2011, it is among the ten largest coal producers in the world, and one of the main coal exporters, No. 1 in Russia. The company provides about 30 % of power generating coal supplies for the domestic market and about 25 % of Russian exports of power generating coal. More than 30,000 people work at the company's sites in 8 Russian regions (Moscow, the Republic of Buryatia, Kemerovo Region, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Primorsk Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, the Republic of Khakassia, Zabaikalye Krai). SUEK supplies coal for the needs of the power industry and household consumption in more than 60 constituent territories of the Russian Federation.

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