I.T. Co. and Beckhoff become partners in the building automation field


I.T. Co. and Beckhoff become partners in the building automation field
I.T. Co. concluded a contract on cooperation with Beckhoff Automation (Germany), the leading manufacturer of open industrial automation systems. Gaining Beckhoff partner status, has strengthened I.T. Co.'s professional assessment in the creation of automated control and management systems for modern buildings.

I.T. Co. has extensive experience in carrying out projects in the field of intelligent automation of buildings, structures and complexes. Obtaining the status of "Automated Systems Integrator in the field of Building Automation" from Beckhoff is another important step on the route to expanding I.T. Co.'s competency in implementing up-to-date technologies, such as "intelligent buildings," control systems, energy monitoring and energy efficiency.

Beckhoff Automation is the leading European producer of industrial automation equipment and software. All the products developed and launched (programmable logic controllers) are PC-compatible and can be used as complex integrated management systems, or as separate components. Beckhoff technologies are used in all branches of automation: from numerically controlled machines to complex automation and control of sites.

“Equipping modern buildings with advanced automation for managing engineering systems, real-time control of a large number of parameters and supporting comfortable conditions is a serious task for both building owners, and for engineering companies and systems integrators,” emphasized Valeriy Volobuyev, Head of the Industrial Automation Division of I.T. Co.'s Infrastructure Solutions Department. “Partnership with a well-known international producer has significantly expanded I.T. Co.'s portfolio of technological solutions for building automated environmental support systems for office, hotel, and administrative buildings, creating data center control systems, solutions for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption management, energy efficiency and energy saving, as well as developing automatic process control systems for industrial facilities and data transfer process networks.”

“The idea of developing innovative products and solutions based on computer control is the basis of Beckhoff's philosophy. We are glad that I.T. Co. has become a reliable partner and collaborator in the implementation of advanced technologies in the field of industrial automation and building of “intelligent buildings,” noted Aleksey Orlov, Head of Sales Department at Beckhoff Automation Russia.

About Beckhoff Automation
Beckhoff Automation was created in 1980. The company implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The range of products includes industrial PC, input/output systems and bus input/output systems, motors and drives, as well as automation software. Beckhoff's “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open solutions for management and automation which are used all over the world. The head office of Beckhoff Automation is located in the city of Verl, Eastern Westphalia, Germany. International market presence is ensured via 24 affiliated companies and distributors all over the world. Beckhoff is represented in more than 60 countries and currently has more than 1,350 employees all over the world.

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