I.T. Co. upgrades HRM system BOSS-Kadrovik at “Siberian Cement”


I.T. Co. upgrades HRM system BOSS-Kadrovik at “Siberian Cement”
I.T. Co. won the contest to upgrade the HRM system BOSS-Kadrovik for holding company “Siberian Cement”. The project framework included transfer of the installed software versions to a common Oracle platform, competent technical support and license maintenance. By means of a centralized solution, a unified salary payment center for staff across the holding's enterprises will be established.

“Siberian Cement” (Kemerovo) is the market leader in the production and supply of quality cement and construction materials in the Siberian Federal District. The holding is comprised of the Topky, Krasnoyarsk and Timluyi cement plants, companies producing ready-mixed concrete under the common brand “Siberian Concrete”, and the "Volna” plant producing fiber cement products.

The company, which has a staff of about 5,000 employees, needed a single personnel management policy, applying unified standards and provisions for payment for labor to different categories of employees. The company also needed to reduce costs related to prompt acquisition of consolidated information on all the holding's enterprises. To accomplish these tasks, it was decided to create a unified salary payment center for all “Siberian Cement” enterprises, and to transfer personnel record keeping and personnel management to a common software platform.

In autumn 2011, the company organized an open contest to choose a partner to upgrade the HRM system BOSS-Kadrovik, transfer it to a common Oracle platform across all structures and perform technical support, including license maintenance. I.T. Co. won the tender, as it offered the fullest package of skills necessary to complete the project.

The personnel management and salary accounting system BOSS-Kadrovik includes five main functional modules: Staff Schedule, Personnel Inventory, Russian State Pension Fund Accounting, Time Keeping, and Salary Accounting. The project provides for integration of BOSS-Kadrovik with the Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise management system and the “1C: Bookkeeping” accounting system. In the course of upgrading the BOSS-Kadrovik system, I.T. Co. specialists will develop more than 60 reporting and reference forms for optimal program adaptation, according to the requirements of the company's personnel policy.

The total number of users of the upgraded HRM system will be more than 40 people. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2011.

About "Siberian Cement"
Open Joint Stock Holding Company “Siberian Cement” was created in 2004. It is comprised of: OOO (Limited Liability Company) “Topkinsk Cement” (Topky, Keverovo Region); OOO “Krasnoyarsk Cement” (Krasnoyarsk); OOO “Timluyi Cement Plant” (Kamensk, Republic of Buryatia); OOO “Mining Company" (Tatarskiy Klyuch, Republic of Buryatia); OOO “Open cast “Pereval” and Angarsk Cement and Mining Plant managed on principles of parity; OOO “Plant “Volna” (Krasnoyarsk) producing chrysotile cement roofing and flat sheets and pipes; OOO “Siberian Concrete” (the plants in Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk) specializing in production of quality ready-mixed concrete and mortars; OOO “Sibtsemservice” (Kemerovo) – which performs repair and maintenance of equipment, buildings and structures of the holding's cement assets; OOO "ZapSibTsement" (Kemerovo) – sales and logistics company; OOO "KuzbassTransTsement" (Novosibirsk) – operator of its own fleet of specialized railway vehicles.

The holding's annual production capacity is 5,578,000 tons of cement; 500,000 cubic meters of concrete; 12,000,000 square meters of roofing; 3,600,000 square meters of flat sheets and façade boards; 900 km of pipes.

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