Cloud technologies to small and medium businesses


Cloud technologies to small and medium businesses
Skolkovo Fund has made a decision to issue a grant in the amount of over 24 mln. rubles to the resident of IT cluster of the innovational center – "Unicloud Labs" (I.T. Group), which develops cloud technologies for business processes automation. The aim of the project is to give small and medium businesses affordable and user-friendly platform with working services.

"The idea of creating a cloud services platform to support small and medium businesses is timely and relevant. The appearance and distribution of such a service will be demanded by many entrepreneurs and is highly probable to perform several local "revolutions". In the same way as everybody is using e-mail everywhere, it will be just as easy to adjust the whole process of interaction between partners, customers and executors, suppliers and buyers", comments Alexander Turkot, Executive Director of Skolkovo Fund's IT Cluster, on the company's project.

According to "Unicloud Labs" LLC, the greatest number of offers on IT market is formed today for large companies and state structures as the most solvent customers. At the same time, millions of small companies deal every day with sales, personnel management, interaction with customers and document flow, and use information systems only as an instrument of the existing processes automation.

"Within the framework of our platform and services, we will offer fundamentally new possibilities, expand the horizons for small and medium businesses, notes Dmitry Torshin, General Director of "Unicloud Labs". – At that, financial support of Skolkovo Fund will allow us to offer our products at very affordable prices".

According to the company's director, the main task of the project is to create a unique cloud platform and services within SaaS model to support the main activity on the basis of understandable, simple and mobile service. Thanks to the Skolkovo Fund grant, Unicloud Labs LLC is planning to expand the staff of developers and reduce the terms of promising products marketing.

The decision to fund the Unicloud Labs developments was made by the experts of Skolkovo Fund on the basis of studying of the company's detailed business plan and the project's technical description. The experts approved the grant in the amount of over 24 mln. rubles. The total budget of the project for 12 months will amount to 32 mln. rubles.

About Skolkovo Fund
The Skolkovo Fund for developing of the New Technologies Development and Commercialization Center is a non-profit organization created upon the initiative of RF President, Dmitry Medvedev, in September, 2010. The aim of the Fund consists in mobilization of Russia's resources in the sphere of latest applied research, creation of a favorable environment to carry out scientific research in five priority trends of technological development: energy and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies. The project is aimed at creation of Skolkovo Science and Technology Institute (SSTI), research institutes, a business incubator, a center of technologies transfer and commercialization, representations of foreign companies and R&D centers, residential premises and social infrastructure, as well as further extension of the efficient regime to other innovative regions of Russia. The activity of Skolkovo innovational center is regulated by a special law which gives its residents special economic conditions. 

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