I.T. Smart Systems has included the property of Volkswagen Group Rus in the balance sheet


I.T. Smart Systems has included the property of Volkswagen Group Rus in the balance sheet
I.T. Smart Systems Company (I.T. Group) has completed the implementation of the solution for accounting and inventorying the property in Volkswagen Group Rus LLC. The system created in the course of the project allowed performing primary accounting of the property and collecting up-to-date data on its availability and state.

Volkswagen Group Rus LLC was established by Volkswagen AG at the beginning of 2003 and united two Russian affiliate companies of the group. One of them was registered in Moscow and acted as an import structure managing the car sales. The second one was founded in 2006 in Kaluga to manage a new plant where Volkswagen and Škoda cars are assembled.

Until recently, Volkswagen Group Rus LLC has been storing the information on telecommunication/IT equipment and other property subject to accounting in several systems, and these data had to be synchronized, sometimes manually. The customer was not satisfied with such situation, that was why it was decided to implement a specialized system which would allow the company management to have up-to-date and accurate information on material resources at any time. Moreover, moving into a new office allowed taking an effective inventory of the property and disposing of the accumulated surpluses and illiquid assets.

In the course of the project, the specialists of I.T. Smart Systems made the necessary inspection and relying on its results performed implementation of the system of property accounting and inventory automation. Besides, marking of 4.5 thousand units of equipments (using RFID-tags and stickers with two-dimensional bar codes) and initial inventory were performed. The results allowed the customer setting the requirements to new forms of reports, and I.T. Smart Systems specialists managed to make the required improvements.

Implementation of the property accounting and inventory system in Volkswagen Group Rus LLC enabled to solve several important tasks. Among them is the reduced time and simplification of the inventory process ensuring complete transparency in the area of the current accounting of the property, reduced quantity of errors in verification of the inventory results, as well as lower material expenses for the property acquisition.

In the near future, Volkswagen Group Rus LLC is going to perform full transfer of all its material resources to automated accounting. Besides, the company is planning to integrate the accounting and inventory system with the bookkeeping system.

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